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Kevin Nolen

Alluxa, Inc., a specialist in high-performance optical filters and optical coatings, announced the promotion of Kevin Nolen to director of engineering, effective immediately. Kevin has served in a variety of engineering and operations roles at Alluxa for more than 12 years. He will be responsible for guiding and executing Alluxa’s developmental engineering efforts that support factory automation, deposition process improvements, and product engineering projects. Kevin has a BS ME from California State University, Chico.

Mike Scobey, Alluxa’s CEO, notes, “Kevin has been tremendously instrumental in Alluxa’s success during his 12 years at Alluxa, in his contributions to innovative equipment design, automation, process engineering, and optimization. His new role as director of engineering will focus on managing the launch of our three new deposition platforms in the next calendar year, as well as supporting operations by optimizing the output of our growing fleet of 19 coating machines.”

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