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AnywhereRaman Plug-and-Play Unit From Horiba

Horiba Scientific, a provider of Raman spectroscopy systems and solutions, has announced its newest Raman instrument. The AnywhereRaman instrument is a self-contained product that combines a spectrometer, a laser, a ball probe and an acquisition computer all in one instrument to obtain high-quality Raman measurements without the need for multiple instrumentation or processes.

Horiba’s new Raman product is designed for both portability and ease of use. It can go from being unpacked and set up, to first Raman measurements in under 20 minutes. These high-quality Raman measurements can be obtained by operators with minimal training or experience.   

The ball probe with TouchRaman immersion technology lets users simply touch the sample and acquire data. The results are high quality, reproducible measurements. Its excitation wavelength is 785 nm, with a spectral range of 150–3150 cm-1. 

The all-in-one AnywhereRaman unit is 3.0” (H) x 9.8” (W) x 9.8” (D) and offers Class 3B laser safety certification, a keyed interlock switch and an electronic laser trigger as standard safety features. It comes with an integrated computer and acquisition software, a wireless keyboard, mouse and a monitor. 

AnywhereRaman is versatile and can be used for applications such as petrochemicals and biopharmaceuticals. Other applications include in-situ reaction monitoring in the lab or the process line, end point monitoring, QC of incoming materials, forensics and sample monitoring at high temperatures and/or pressures.

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