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BitFlow to Launch First CoaXPress v20 Frame Grabbers by Q1 2019

BitFlow, a global provider of frame grabber technology for machine vision, has announced that its engineering team is continuing to furnish input and direction to the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA) on the finalization of the JIAA's CoaXPress v2.0 (CXP v2.0) machine vision interface standard, most recently at a steering committee meeting held last month in Austin, Texas (US). 

Coordinating with the JIIA on a standardization roadmap is serving to help BitFlow in the development and launch of its first generation of CXP v2.0 frame grabbers targeted for the first quarter of 2019, the company says.

Introduced almost a decade ago, CoaXPress standard v1.1.1 is supported by more than 50 vendors of cables, connectors, intellectual property, transceivers, cameras, frame grabbers, simulators, range extenders and software. CXP v2.0 will double the current 6.25-gbps image data transfer rate to 12.5 gbps, therefore allowing for higher frame rates or larger camera resolutions. The JIIA and BitFlow have concluded CXP v2.0 is necessary for manufacturers to achieve the high levels of quality, cost efficiencies and productivity needed to gain a competitive edge in the global economy.

CoaXPress allows video, camera control for triggering and up to 13 W of power per link to be transferred without latency on off-the-shelf coaxial cables up to 40 meters in length (without repeaters). Data rates can reach up to 5 GB/s of data on a quad link system. Camera Link (850 MB/S), USB3 (382 MB/s) and GigE Vision (100 MB/s) can be accommodated in a single link camera/grabber combination (1.25 GB/s). These increased data rates over a single cable will enable improvements in machine building technology. Also, because CoaXPress relies on standard coax, many such cables previously installed in legacy defense and security systems utilizing analog cameras can be re-used for migrating to digital imaging, eliminating the cost of new cabling.

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