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From May 5 to 10, 2019, PicoQuant will present some of its latest products at CLEO in San Jose, California (US). This year’s highlights include the Taiko PDL M1, a new smart picosecond laser driver, as well as the MultiHarp 150, a high-throughput multichannel Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting unit.

The Taiko laser driver lets the user take full control over picosecond pulsed laser heads. It allows reading out and adjusting many parameters on the fly either through a local one button interface or remotely via a PC, including repetition rate, operation temperature or even fully calibrated and linearized optical output power for more precise power setting with higher output levels than ever.

The MultiHarp 150 features four or eight identical detection channels with 80 ps resolution, that are synchronized but independent. It’s smartly designed timing electronics allow for high sustained data throughput with ultra short dead times of 650 ps, making it ideal for many applications in quantum optics.

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