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Dynasil Enhances IR Coating by Adding Diamond-Like Carbon Coating Chamber

Dynasil Corporation of America, a developer and manufacturer of optics and photonics products, optical detection and analysis technology and components for the homeland security, medical and industrial markets, has introduced a PE-CVD (plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition) IR coating technology by adding a new diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating chamber. The chamber is strategically located at EMF (a Dynasil brand) in Ithaca, New York (US).

Introduction of the DLC coating chamber positions Dynasil in the growing IR coatings market. With next-generation techniques that up-coat, the new DLC Chamber makes “pinholes," the Achilles heel of coating, typical of systems that down-coat, virtually non-existent. Additionally, the new PE-CVD IR coating technology results in a much more robust and higher-quality product with practically zero pinholes (PZP).

The new chamber gives Dynasil the capability to coat virtually all IR substrates, including germanium (Ge), silicon (Si), zinc-selenide (ZnSe), zinc-sulfide (ZnS), fused silica and chalcogenides.

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