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Edmund Optics Acquires Veeco Ion Beam Sputtering System

Optical components supplier Edmund Optics has ordered the Spector Ion Beam Sputtering System from Veeco Instruments. The new capability is in support of Edmund Optics' portfolio of laser optics for infrared, visible and ultraviolet systems. With this step, Edmund Optics aims to grow growing its presence in the laser optics landscape, building on the company's history as a supplier of imaging and photonics components. The Spector platform adds to the company's existing capabilities in aspheric design and manufacturing, advanced optical metrology, and production of optics designed for high-laser-fluence applications.  

The Spector ion beam sputtering platform offers layer thickness control, enhanced process stability and, according to the company, the lowest published optical losses in the industry. The tool is engineered to improve key production parameters, such as target material utilization, optical endpoint control, and process time for cutting-edge optical coating applications. The Spector platform provides manufacturers low scatter loss, high film purity, stable deposition rates and film-thickness control of less than 0.1nm.

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