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The EMVA announces that based on the high dynamics of the COVID-19 pandemic development the EMVA Business Conference 2020 in Sofia is cancelled. The ongoing social and economic shutdown in many countries and lasting uncertainties on the pandemic development don’t provide a safe environment at the moment to hold an international conference.

18th EMVA Business Conference in Online Format

With the undoubtedly necessary cancellation of conferences and trade shows nearly all opportunities for technology exchange and to meet are taken away in these times. Since this year again a sublime list of speakers would have presented technical and economic insights at the EMVA Business Conference the association seeks to make at least part of this expertise available even under the current conditions. As such, the EMVA is working on setting up the 18th Business Conference with a reduced program in a one day online format to take place at Friday, June 26th, 2020. The online conference event will provide technical insights through top-notch presentations and also networking opportunities through pre-scheduled virtual face-to-face meetings during the breaks. Further details can be found soon at and

19th EMVA Business Conference 2021 – SAVE THE DATE

It is the intention of the EMVA organization team to simply delay the physical Business Conference by one year and visit the Bulgarian capital Sofia in 2021. Therefore the EMVA announces the 19th EMVA Business Conference to take place 10 – 12 June 2021, in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Suspension of EMVA Young Professional Award 2020

The EMVA also announces that due to course of events the EMVA Young Professional Award 2020 is suspended. Subsequently, there will be no call for papers this year for this award. This decision is based on the fact that central benefits connected to winning the award, most notably a free conference ticket, reimbursement of travel costs and a presentation slot at the EMVA Business Conference could not be redeemed this year.

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