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Fotric thermal imaging

Fotric's fully automated infrared temperature detectors have been delivered to thousands of sites in an effort to screen abnormal body temperatures due to the recent pandemic.

Infrared thermal imaging technology's advantages include all-weather imaging, making it immune to the impact of light, as well as providing clear imaging in the day or night, as well as non-contact temperature measurement.

Fast deployment

Considering the cost of temperature screening products, Fotric has developed a quick installation kit, including the host, wiring, tripod and computer. The software has been pre-installed. An on-site deployment can be completed within 5 minutes.

Without the quick installation kit, the system can be launched within 15 minutes when following the step-by-step installation video.

Fast temperature measurement

The rapid temperature measurement is made possible with the infrared thermal imaging. As long as people appear in the scope of the device, measurements can be completed without any pause and without the image freezing, providing readings without physical contact.

In the most common two-channel screening case, normal walking speed is 1.5m/s. Because of the detection needs, the interval between people is set to 1 meter, and the walking speed is slowed to 0.75m/s. In this condition, at least two people can be detected every 3 seconds, which translates to 40 people per minute, and 2,400 people per hour. If the speed is increased to 1m/s, the detection rate can reach 3,600 people per hour.

Fast alarm notification

Dual-view screen displays both the thermal and visible light images, when an abnormal body temperature is detected the temperature screening instrument will automatically emit an alarm. Along with a voice prompt, the system will mark temperature anomalies in the picture with a red box, which allows monitoring staff to quickly find the person exhibiting a high temperature. At the same time, the system can automatically take pictures, serving as an image data backup.


Temperature measurement accuracy is paramount in Fotric's products, which utilize an imported polysilicon detector. This ensures the continuous output of accurate temperature measurement at different temperatures with strong stability. In the calibration certificate issued by the Shanghai Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection Technology, the maximum error of continuous temperature measurement is 0.2â„.

AI face detection to prevent false alarms

Considering the complexity of the screening situation, Fotric incorporated an AI face detection algorithm, which detects only the temperature of faces entering the picture. Hot objects held by the people do not interfere with the detection, greatly reducing the false alarm rate. The labor intensity of staff is reduced as well.

Built-in AI calibration algorithm

Automatic collection of face temperatures in different scenes for self-learning and adaptive environmental temperature changes to adjust the temperature alarm threshold in real time, to prevent the low ambient temperature in the morning and night leading to a false alarm for people suspected of having a fever.

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