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Next Generation FTTx Optics Catching the Second Wave 2015-2020

Governments and corporations alike see ‘fiber-to-the-X' (FTTx) as a key enabler of today's high-speed Internet and, thus, of future economic growth. FTTx networks consumed more than 30 million optical transmitters and receivers in 2014, with a market value of $500 million USD. LightCounting Market Research projects that this market segment will exceed $1 billion USD by 2020, driven by adoption of next-generation FTTx technologies in many developed countries and increasing deployments of FTTx in emerging economies.

A preview of the FTTx market forecast is available for LightCounting subscribers now and the final version of the forecast will be released along with the report in July 2015. LightCounting has also shared its research notes from the recent FTTH APAC conference in a newsletter

This report will provide a look at the FTTx optical component opportunity, focusing on how product requirements will evolve over time due to changing operator service models and network architectures. It will also provide a five-year forecast of transceiver, BOSA, and triplexer shipments, prices and revenues, with breakdowns by architecture and by OLT/ONU. Current and future FTTx architectures, service provider deployment strategies and trends, component requirements, products sold today, and the products needed for future systems are discussed. Leading vendors of FTTx equipment and components are profiled, and historical shipment data is included, along with a visual guide to FTTx networking. 

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