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High-Speed, High-Bandwidth Optical Power Meter, F-712PM1

The new F-712.PM1 high-speed optical power meter from precision photonics alignment manufacturer PI (Physik Instrumente) converts optical signals and currents of photodiodes into a high-resolution, logarithmic analog voltage signal. Its high bandwidth of 20 kHz enables faster optical alignment when used in conjunction with PI’s high-speed FMPA photonics alignment systems for SiP (silicon photonics) applications. The extended wavelength range of 400 to 1550 nm allows working in both the visible and infrared range without switching.

The optical input is designed in a way that eliminates the influence of the optical fiber location in the connector on the optical signal. In addition to the optical input, the device also has a current input. For example, a photodiode can be connected to this input and the diode current converted into a logarithmic voltage signal. Switching between the inputs is done via a button and an LED lights up when the current input is activated. The precise, logarithmical output signal is designed for optical alignment systems important for fast photonics alignment.


  • 20kHz signal bandwidth
  • 85nW to 85mW dynamic range
  • 400–1550 nm wavelength
  • 0–1 mA input current
  • logarithmic output
  • Standard and custom

PI has in-house engineered solutions and can modify existing product designs or provide a fully customized OEM part to fit the exact requirements of the application.

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