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Horiba LabRAM Soleil

HORIBA Scientific, specialist in measurement and analysis solutions for research and industry, and in Raman spectroscopy, announced the introduction of LabRAM Soleil, a multimodal Raman microscope designed for UV-VIS-NIR imaging this week at Pittcon 2020, in Chicago, Illinois (US).

The LabRAM Soleil confocal Raman imaging microscope, part of HORIBA’s renowned LabRAM spectroscopy series, comes complete with ultrafast imaging, advanced automation features, intuitive software and a robust design to supercharge researchers’ analyses.

Ultrafast imaging

•         LabRAM Soleil multimodal imaging performance levels give researchers the ability to observe samples in different modes for all types of applications, with an innovative design of the optical compartments, its optimized broadband dielectric mirrors and a high throughput spectrometer.

•         HORIBA’s patented SmartSampling technology, added to the instrument’s stability and precision levels, makes hyperspectral mapping much faster with an image-compression algorithm. These new and smart ultrafast imaging capabilities let users map samples up to 100 times faster than before.

•         HORIBA’s QScan patented confocal imaging system, is a high-quality optical system that enables scanning of the excitation laser over the sample surface. Benefits include: High confocality of the image multilayer sample, the ability to map the sample without moving it, and more agility with point-and-shoot operation, directly on the video image.

Advanced automation

Advanced automated features are huge time savers and greatly improve user experience. LabRAM Soleil™ offers benefits such as true self-operation, remote maintenance and instant objective recognition.

The user can speed up analyses with a fully-automated, featured-packed instrument:

•         Up to 6 motorized lasers (4 built-in, 2 external)

•         Up to 6 spectroscopic modes (among which: Raman, ULF, photoluminescence, up-conversion luminescence) allow to operate in the specific context of the application domain, with a high degree of flexibility.

LabRAM Soleil comes with the latest, built-in, LabSpec 6 Spectroscopic Suite, ensuring faster data acquisition routines and analyses. The intuitive interface maximizes the full power of the system, enabling various software configurations to suit customer specific needs. LabSpec 6 offers a brand-new series of apps, downloadable from the App Store, making Raman imaging much more accessible than ever before. At every step of the workflow, a new app developed by the HORIBA team facilitates the image generation process, from adjusting the focus to optimizing parameters, to interpreting Raman images and producing customized reports. Apps include:

•         EasyImage to simplify the entire workflow.

•         MVAPlus for a full range of multivariate analyses, enabling easy and efficient analysis of chemical components.

•         Know-It-All allows a large database, including the HORIBA database, to combine all know-how assets in one place: This accelerates the identification and characterization process.

•         3D Volume ensures high precision interpretation by combining topographic and confocal analysis for 3D imaging.

The LabSpec 6 software suite also includes: ParticleFinder™ for particle analysis, SmartSampling™ for ultrafast image generation, ProtectionPlus for user profile management and data traceability, and an Easy Navigation package (NavMap, NavSharp, ViewSharp) for advanced multimodal imaging.

LabRAM Soleil is both robust and modular. Adding a circuit board, sensor, imaging system or a diffraction grating turret has never been easier. Its modular design lets the user switch from an open space to an upright configuration in minutes. Everything has been designed to ensure quick setup of the initial system and future upgrades, backed up by premium service available around the world.

LabRAM Soleil is easy to maintain with a progressive maintenance plan. The instrument design ensures easy access to all parts to minimize service downtime. Customers are offered a standard 2-year warranty, including lasers and detectors, and can customize warranty conditions and maintenance contract extensions through their local HORIBA representative.

LabRAM Soleil Raman microscope can be coupled to OmegaScope, HORIBA’s Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) system, available in different controlled environments, and get access spectroscopic measurements at the nanoscale.

LabRAM Soleil is now available.

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