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IDS to Offer USB 31 Gen 1 Board-Level Cameras With Liquid Lens Control

Beginning in July 2018, the uEye LE USB 3.1 Gen 1 single board cameras with S-Mount or CS-/C-Mount from IDS Imaging Development Systems will also be available with versions for use with and control of liquid lenses. These industrial cameras enable optimally focused images at different object distances, because users can control the focus via the user interface or programming interface. The low-cost uEye LE industrial cameras with twist-proof USB Type-C connection and practical USB power delivery are interesting for logistics systems (e.g., for package acceptance and sorting), for microscopy and traffic monitoring as well as for installation in small medical or industrial devices.

The new uEye LE USB 3.1 Gen 1 board-level models with liquid lenses are available with the 6.4 MP Sony IMX178 rolling shutter sensor or with the extremely light-sensitive 18 MP AR1820HS rolling shutter sensor from ON Semiconductor. They are equipped with a 10-pin I/O SMD connector for GPIO, trigger and flash. USB Power Delivery enables variable power to be supplied for peripheral devices at the I/O port.

 The camera has an additional board for controlling the liquid lenses. This allows the focus to be set directly from the camera. Users can choose whether they prefer to use the uEye Cockpit for adjustments or access the camera via API.

IDS can also supply matching liquid-lens lenses.

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