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Laser Components will take part in this year’s SPIE Laser Damage Competition in Boulder, Colorado (US) for the ninth time. For 50 years, scientists and engineers from all over the world have met for a three-day conference to discuss the latest research results on high-performance lasers, materials, and thin films as well as many other topics relating to the laser damage threshold.

As part of the symposium, there is an annual competition to determine the most effective coating. Each year, SPIE announces new specifications. Samples submitted by companies are then centrally examined for their laser damage threshold. Only the participants learn how their own products performed in the overall comparison. The SPIE Laser Damage Competition is a great way to see if your own technical approaches can compete in the market.

“SPIE had a special idea for their anniversary”, says Barbara Herdt, product engineer for laser optics at LASER COMPONENTS. “The specifications are the same as 50 years ago. With the knowledge and technical possibilities of today, it should be easy task to achieve outstanding results for specifications from the early days of laser technology. Let’s see what the results are.”

The laser damage threshold indicates how well an optical coating withstands the energy of the laser beam. The challenges to the laser damage threshold are increasing, with ever more powerful lasers and the demands of companies and research institutes.

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