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High-Precision Laser System

Coherent supplies the widest range of lasers and laser-based systems to empower a huge spectrum of materials processing applications – virtually any material, or any process. This range of capabilities will be on display at LASYS 2018 and will include the introduction of two new high-precision systems (photo above) for cutting and welding from an enhanced material processing product platform. Incorporating intelligence, integration and interconnectivity, this enhanced product platform is optimized for today’s materials processing challenges.

For example, our intelligent design and engineering ensures ease-of-use and consistency of performance, irrespective of the application. The results are lower defect rates, higher product quality and increased yield. Integrated features, such as parts commonality and identical convenience elements across the platform, speed maintenance and reduce training burden. Interconnected operation puts vital system information and control at your disposal, whether that’s a single installation, or a complex production line.

Integral to our laser portfolio is the HighLight series, which offers solutions for industrial manufacturing processes requiring high power.


A new addition to this extensive line is the HighLight DL-Series of 19” rack-mount diode lasers with 4 kW fiber delivery for brazing, heat treatment and cladding applications.

Also on display will be the new EasyMark, a versatile, low maintenance and economical desktop marking system which addresses a wide range of marking applications.


OEMs and system integrators are empowered with the Monaco, a femtosecond laser that enables cutting-edge micro-processing for microelectronics production.The AVIA is a short-pulse UV laser for applications such as via drilling in PCB and flex materials, 3D chip package manufacturing and wafer scribing. In addition, an innovative new fiber laser welding package offers an all-in-one solution, including high-power fiber laser, scanner head, vision system and software. 

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