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Lumentum at ECOC

Lumentum Holdings Inc., a specialist in optical networking solutions that enable cost-effective and flexible network capacity growth, today announced it will present its full-spectrum of optical communications solutions during the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) at the RDS Venue in Dublin, Ireland from September 23-25, 2019.

Coherent Network Transmission Products

Leveraging its market-leading highly integrated indium phosphide (InP) photonic integrated circuit (PIC) technology, Lumentum provides scalable and flexible coherent optical network solutions that enable higher-speeds for next-generation mobile backhaul, data center interconnect (DCI), metro/regional, and long-haul networks.

  • Line-side coherent CFP2 Modules for 100G/200G+ transmission: Lumentum will exhibit both 100G/200G CFP2-ACO and CFP2-DCO coherent pluggable transceiver modules that leverage Lumentum's deep experience in high-speed InP PIC devices.
  • Coherent building blocks: High-speed coherent components for 100G and beyond including integrated coherent TROSAs with up to 64 GBaud symbol rates, high-bandwidth integrated driver modulators, and micro and dual ITLAs.
  • Line-side direct-detect modules for 10G/25G tunable transmission: With more than 10 years of deployments and billions of device hours in the field, Lumentum is an established leader in tunable transmission for 10G and beyond. A broad range of tunable transmission products will be on display.

TrueFlex ROADM Portfolio

Lumentum efficiently and cost-effectively enables the implementation of next-generation CDC ROADM solutions which support continuously increasing optical network capacity needs. Its TrueFlex ROADM portfolio provides improved performance, lower total cost of ownership, and future proofing of networks against evolving network patterns.

  • Next-generation TrueFlex contentionless twin 8x24 wavelength selective switch (WSS): A winner in the Optical Subsystems category in 2019 by Lightwave Innovation Reviews and the newest addition to Lumentum's ROADM portfolio, it enables simplified add/drop port scaling to support capacity growth in CDC networks and eliminates the need for EDFA arrays in many network designs.

In addition, Lumentum will feature the TrueFlex monitoring portfolio and the TrueFlex Micro WSS platform including the high-port count Micro Twin 1x20 and 1x35, the Micro 1x9, the Micro Twin 1x9, and the Nano 1x9.

High-Speed Datacom Laser Chips

Lumentum will showcase its market-leading portfolio of differentiated datacom laser chips which are available at scale to address growing market demands. Chip products include DMLs, EMLs, and VCSELs that enable next-generation hyperscale data centers, 5G wireless networks, and client-side access solutions.

  • DMLs: Lumentum DMLs offer high-reliability and use a pioneering cavity design to operate over the wide temperature ranges demanded by the latest 5G wireless systems.
  • EMLs: Lumentum PAM4-optimized EMLs enable next-generation 400G and single-lambda 100G solutions that reduce the cost per bit. Lumentum laser chips enable a wide variety of standards-compliant modules for high-speed networking.
  • VCSELs: Lumentum VCSELs for short-reach applications utilize Lumentum's experience in high-volume 3D sensing applications to deliver high-performance and cost-effective solutions to data centers and can be supplied as a single bare die, or 1x4 arrays.

Telecom Pump Lasers

An industry-leader in telecom pump lasers, Lumentum will display its latest advanced 980 nm single-mode pump lasers that enable increased output power, density, and efficiency and reduced footprint and power consumption in optical amplification applications. Also on display, will be Lumentum's latest Raman pump lasers.

  • Next-generation high-power and high-reliability 980 nm pump lasers: The next-generation family of 980 nm pumps offer a range of maximum output powers from 800 mW to 1000 mW in a variety of form factors.

SDN Open Networking Platform

At ECOC, Lumentum will highlight its SDN platform which consist of network-ready optical hardware that rapidly accelerates time-to-market for applications such as, mobile backhaul, DCI, open line system, and ROADM mesh-networking. Configurable SDN elements on display will include – 8x24 and 16x24 add/drop CDC ROADMs and optical fiber monitoring solutions.

Open and Disaggregated Transport Network live demonstration

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) will perform a live open and disaggregated transport network (ODTN) demonstration using Lumentum's optical network elements at Demo 2. The live demo will showcase the use of the ONOS SDN controller for disaggregated transport networks, covering the provisioning of data connectivity services and demonstrating advanced automatic failure recovery and resiliency, at both the data and control plane level.

  • "Reliable optical networks with ODTN, resiliency and failover in data plane and control plane"
    Monday, September 23, 2019 -- 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm, Hibernia Rooms, Intercontinental

Workshop presentations

These speaking engagements address trends in the industry including the rapid growth of next-generation ROADM networks and advances in InP-based source lasers for high-speed fiber optic applications.  

  • "The Many Reasons for Today's Growth of ROADM Networks"
    Wednesday, September 25, 2019 -- 2:25 pm – 2:55 pm, Market Focus Theater
    Brandon Collings, Chief Technology Officer
  • "High-speed InP Devices" Tutorial Session SC2
    Thursday, September 26, 2019 -- 9:00 am – 10:00 am, Hall 7
    Kazuhiko Naoe, Director, Device Development Center

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