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MVsquare Line Laser Module From Laser Components

Laser Components USA, a provider of laser and optoelectronic components in the US and Canada, is introducing the first Flexpoint line laser module in a square casing (L x W x H: 65 x 15 x 15 mm). This latest addition to the Flexpoint MV series was designed for quick and easy installation during series production of 3D systems for industrial image processing. Focus, beam position and all other parameters are aligned during production according to customer specifications. The MVsquare will also be available in a space-saving version in which the laser beam is deflected by 90° and exits from the side of the housing.

The MV series, including this new module, now includes ten models with a range of options. Customers can choose between different wavelengths: blue (405/450 nm), green (520 nm), red (635/660/685 nm) and NIR (785/830/850 nm). Depending on the laser diode, exit powers of up to 100 mW can be reached. In addition to the standard models with adjustable focus, most are also available in low-price versions with fixed focus. Modules can now be supplied with separated optics and electronics sections, custom built to fit into tight spaces. Further options available when ordering are additional features, such as digital modulation or analog power adjustment.

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