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Novus Light, the leading online global publication serving the light technologies industries, announces the launch of two new applications newsletters: Materials Processing and Manufacturing and Green Technologies, bringing the number of Novus Light’s applications newsletters to six.

Materials Processing and Manufacturing

Light-based technologies keep materials processing and manufacturing on the cutting edge, while increasing efficiency, enhancing safety and ensuring quality. The Materials Processing and Manufacturing applications newsletter, debuting on February 25, will focus on key trends including automation, packaging, 3D printing, digitization, Industry 4.0, and the smart factory. These make use of lasers, embedded vision systems, robotics, nanotechnology, and more.

Green Technologies

The cleaner world of tomorrow relies on technologies developed today. The Green Technologies applications newsletter will launch on March 24 and cover topics such as photovoltaic research, solar plant surveillance, concentrating solar, test and measurement, solar simulation, robotic operations & maintenance, the smart factory, manufacturing as well as new coatings and improved materials.

With the addition of the two new newsletters, Novus Light now offers a total of six applications newsletters including:

  • Medicine and Healthcare
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Security and Surveillance
  • Autonomous Technologies
  • Materials Processing and Manufacturing
  • Green Technologies

Novus Media Today, a state-of-the-art media company, publishes online publications and e-newsletters that provide the latest news, analysis and original reporting on light technologies. Scientists, researchers, engineers, analysts, investors and technical professionals rely on Novus Media Today’s flagship publication, Novus Light Technologies Today, the e-newsletter Light Conversation, and its six applications newsletters, to stay up to date on today’s significant technology trends that will change the way we live tomorrow.

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