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Laser Components supplies the ModBox Front-End from our partner iXblue with ns pulse shaping capabilities ideal as a master for either high energetic lasers (> 1kJ, 1MJ projects) or solid-state pump lasers. High intensity lasers proved to be useful tools in a wide range of disciplines and studies: warm dense matter, plasma physics, acceleration of ions and electrons, imaging, and more recently industrial laser applications such as material hardening by laser-induced shock wave (peening).

Continuous improvements aim for higher pulse energies >10uJ and >100uJ with high stability, repeatability and reliability for continuous use in an industrial environment. Its features also improved optical pulse contrast to minimise noise and a high PER and to avoid FM/AM conversion. Recent improvements are shown below.

Sub-ns optical Pulse Shaping: 

- Pulse shaping resolution is 125ps on pulse durations up to 100ns with a vertical resolution of 12 bits.

- Contrast provided can be as high as 60dB.

Low and extremely low jitter optical pulses: 

- Low jitter: <7ps RMS

- Extremely low: <7ps peak-peak

Low ripple: 1% RMS: 

- The RF optimisation allows a ripple in the square pulse plateau of <1% RMS.

Improved power and energy performance: 

- Up to 1nJ/1ns with 35dB contrast optical pulses (w/o optical pulsed amplifier)

- 300pJ/1ns with 60dB contrast optical pulses (w/o optical pulsed amplifier)

10uJ and 100uJ/1ns with 60dB contrast optical pulses 

High optical Stability: fl at optical output power and energy behaviour:

- The variation is guaranteed to be <1% RMS.

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