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Well-lit atrium

People's comfort and energy efficiency are the primary challenges for indoor lighting in massive structures. And the solution is intelligence. The customized LED luminaires from OSRAM come in various color temperatures to fit demands by different areas, e.g. a refreshing 5000K for the check-in area whereas a warmer 4000K for the resting districts. UGR is lowered to below 19 to eliminate glare and discomfort to the human eye.

Beyond uniformity and pleasure to the eye, the lighting system aims to make the Airport a greener infrastructure as well. Via a DALI protocol, the LED lights interconnect with the vast KNX control system throughout the overall structure and allows the central control room to manage each individual unit like the cockpit of a space shuttle monitoring the whole vehicle. Brightnesses, working hours and working units can be pre-set to meet desired effects. Such an advanced mega-system benefits the airport management with a considerable power consumption reduction by 2/3 compared to traditional mechanisms.

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