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Nigel Hunton

Photon Control Inc., a developer and supplier of optical measurement technologies to the global semiconductor industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nigel Hunton as its President, Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors effective May 2, 2019 .

Mr. Hunton brings 30 years of executive management experience and his semiconductor relationships to his new role at Photon Control. A global leader who understands diversity, Mr. Hunton has successfully led businesses to accelerated growth in the USA , Asia and Europe Most recently, Mr. Hunton served as President and Chief Operating Officer ("COO") of Ferrotec USA , a leading supplier of materials and components to the semiconductor industry and prior to that, as CEO of MBA Polymers, the world's leading cleantech recycler of high value plastics. He was previously Board Chair and CEO of Edwards Limited, the market-leading global vacuum technology company, where he led the sale of the company in 2007 and then successfully restructured the business to increased profit margins and annual revenue exceeding $1 billion . Throughout his career, he has a proven track record of increasing shareholder value and delivering results by setting clear strategic direction, restructuring businesses, making strategic acquisitions, transforming companies' profitability and delivering growth.

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