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During the Photonics West 2020 exhibition, running from February 1-6, 2020 in San Francisco, California (US), PicoQuant will showcase the latest models and upgrades for its high-end Taiko PDL M1 picosecond pulsed laser driver, for the high-throughput MultiHarp 150 event timer and TCSPC unit as well as for the VisUV laser platform.

Thanks to a free firmware update, the Taiko PDL M1 laser driver is now capable to unleash the full power of its diodes. The newly introduced max. power mode of operation allows running all existing and new laser heads at the maximal pulse energy possible for any repetition rate setting. The selection of laser heads is expanded with modules emitting in the green (530, 560, and 595 nm) as well as a new generation of high powered multimode diodes covering the visible to near infrared range.

The MultiHarp 150 is now available as a 16 channel version in addition to the 4 and 8 channel ones. A recently released free software and firmware update enables programmable dead-times up to 160 ns for each individual channel. Extending the MultiHarp 150’s native dead-time of ca. 650 ps to larger values allows eliminating artifacts due to detector afterpulses. The powerful yet easy to use MultiHarp 150 is ideally suited for a wide range of applications, where independent channels are required.

The VisUV platform of high-powered, picosecond pulsed lasers is expanded by the two modules VisUV-280-560 and VisUV-295-590. They generate picosecond light pulses at 280 nm/560 nm or 295 nm/590 nm with maximum average output powers in the UV of more than 1 mW or more than  0.5 mW, respectievely. Both modules are ideal for exciting molecular probes, nanoparticles, or quantum dots in time-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy applications, including STED super-resolution microscopy.

Visitors will be able to see PicoQuant's latest developments and discuss projects with the company's senior scientists at BiOS booth #8409 Hall D and at Photonics West booth #4869 Hall F.

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