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Fast photo diode

MKS Instruments, Inc. , a global provider of technologies that enable advanced processes and improve productivity, has announced at SPIE Photonics West the Ophir Fast Photo Diodes, high speed, biased PIN photodiode detectors for viewing and measuring pulsed lasers and VCSELs. The detectors use the photovoltaic effect to convert fast optical pulses into electrical signals. They are available in a variety of configurations that cover the spectrum from 190nm to 1700nm. Rise times and fall times are fast, ranging from as low as 25ps. Bias voltage is supplied by internal batteries and/or external power supply, depending on the model.

Fast Photo Diodes are easy to operate and require no calibration. Simply plug a coaxial cable into the detector’s BNC output and terminate into 50 ohms at an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer. Designed for characterizing the operation of pulsed lasers during R&D, the photodetectors are ideal for use in VCSELs for gesture recognition and remote sensing, as well as for medical devices, consumer electronics, and industrial applications.

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