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Anna-Karin Gustavsson middle from the Moerner Lab at Stanford University is this years winner of the Young Investigator Award

PicoQuant organized Single-Molecule Spectroscopy and Superresolution Imaging sessions at Photonics West / BiOS 2018 from 27–28 January in San Francisco, California (US). A large audience enjoyed the presentations and lectures by renowned scientists, covering a broad range of subjects. 

Nobel prize winner Stefan W Hell’s presentation on MINFLUX and Xiaoliang S Xie’s talk on single-cell genomics were the sessions’ highlights. Informal gatherings and a poster session provided attendees with opportunities for discussions about ideas and projects as well as for networking.

Anna-Karin Gustavsson from the Moerner Lab at Stanford University won this year’s Young Investigator Award for her work on “Tilted light sheet microscopy with 3D point spread functions for single-molecule super-resolution imaging in mammalian cells.”

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