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QImaging Introduces Retiga Electro CCD Camera for Electrophysiology

QImaging, a manufacturer of scientific cameras for life science and OEM applications, introduces the Retiga Electro CCD camera, designed to suit imaging requirements of an electrophysiology system. The camera includes Ocular, the image capture software from QImaging.

The QImaging Retiga Electro is a cooled 1.4-megapixel camera that offers features that help researchers conquer the challenges of electrophysiology, such as:

  • 50 MHz pixel digitation for fast frame rates to place electrodes accurately
  • Regulated, fanless cooling for zero vibration imaging
  • External grounding that eliminates electrical noise contribution
  • FPGA-based processing routines for exceptional image clarity.

The Retiga Electro includes Ocular image capture software from QImaging. Built from the ground up to be a part of daily research tasks, Ocular software provides a familiar user experience with its ribbon-based design for navigation between live view, image acquisition, movie capture and image analysis tasks.

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