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Due to the ongoing public health situation related to Coronavirus (COVID-19), SICK, Inc. has determined that in the interest of employee and customer well-being, we will cancel participation at MODEX 2020 next week in Atlanta, Georgia (US)..

SICK’s most important priority is the well-being of all employees. Therefore, as a precautionary measure to minimize health risks to SICK employees worldwide, SICK will not send any staff or support resources to Atlanta for this event. 

MODEX is an important event for SICK and represents one of the year’s most significant opportunities to engage with its current customer base, peers, and the broader market. The decision to withdraw is not an easy one. In lieu of participation, SICK is committed to being available during the event. Information can be found at our website or by contacting your SICK representative.

Additionally, SICK employs best practices to diversify global manufacturing and sourcing to mitigate impact when events like this occur. Please be assured that SICK continues to be well positioned to provide the highest level of service to all customers and has a full inventory of product available for sale.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. The entire SICK team looks forward to showcasing its latest technology to you in the near future.

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