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Siskiyou Compact Lens Positioners

OT series lens positioners from Siskiyou Corporation are compact, economical mounts that enable translation and rotational adjustment of round optics, making them an ideal choice for space constrained optical systems.  These mounts hold 0.5", 1.0" or 2.0" diameter components; adapters for holding smaller diameter components are also available.  OT lens positioners are available in three versions for optimum value.  The simplest format provides two axes of lateral adjustment perpendicular to the optical axis (xy).  Another model additionally includes focusing adjustment (xyz).  And the most comprehensive version includes all these adjustments, together with tip/tilt adjustment (x,y,z,θxθy).  All the OT series positioners have threaded holes on their bases for mounting to posts and optical rail carriers, or can be mounted to breadboards, tables, and stages with a Siskiyou DMB series base adapter. 

For linear and tip/tilt adjustment, OT series lens positioners employ 80 TPI adjustment screws for smooth, precise positioning.  Plus, the vertical (y) axis utilizes a unique capture screw design, which doesn’t rely on springs.  This important feature eliminates any possible vertical drift or sag, even when a heavy component is placed in the mount.  Focus adjustment (z axis) is accomplished with a helical cut thread that provides quick, yet sensitive positioning over a 6.3 mm range.  For convenience, color coded knob caps are used on each adjustment for easy axis identification even in low light conditions.

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