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Sony Launches 100MP CMOS Imager IMX211

The new consumer-grade image sensor IMX211 from Sony Semiconductor Solutions is an ultrahigh-resolution CMOS image sensor, designed for consumer applications such as the home-use digital still camera market. It also provides benefits for industrial markets like inspection and surveillance, this 100 megapixel 4.6 um sensor is available for many high-resolution imaging applications from flat panel inspection to aerial imaging. The primary operating modes are the 14-bit 101-mpixel at 2 fps and the 16-bit 101-mpixel capable of 0.85 fps. The IMX211 is a 4.2” format (67 mm diagonal) sensor capable of shuttered and shutter-less operation. The Sony IMX211 and related accessories and services are available from Framos

Although the sensor is primarily an ultrahigh-resolution still-image sensor, it has a large number of operating modes, with reduced resolution higher frame rate video modes options and various combinations of binning and line skipping. The image sensor provides camera manufacturers with practical tools for end user framing and sensing in preparation of full-resolution image acquisition. With bit-depth options from 11 bit to 16 bit and standard operating modes, the scalable resolution and frame rates offer 101 mpixel to low-resolution sensing modes with frame rates in excess of 10000 fps. This sensor is designed to provide image quality with all the modes required to make camera implementations practical across all application environments.  

The sensor is available in both color and monochrome, with R, G and B primary color Bayer pattern on chip. The 8-channel LVDS output interface enables fast image data transition.

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