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Strasbourg France Photo By Jonathan Martz - Own work, CC BY-SA 30, httpscommonswikimediaorgwindexphpcurid2869363

SPIE Security + Defence 2019 takes place September 9 to 12, 2019 in Strasbourg, France. The conference focuses on optical science technologies for advanced security and defence systems, and organizers are looking for people to present work at the event for engineers, scientists, program managers and policy makers for the latest developments in sensing, data and signal analysis, optronics, quantum science, optical technologies, and funding programs. 

This event crosses the divide between fundamental optical science and the application of the underpinning technologies in advanced defence and security systems. This symposium will be co-located with the 26th SPIE Remote Sensing symposium, which enhances opportunities to identify new partners for collaboration from related fields of activity.

Both “Defence + Security” and “Remote sensing”  topics will be covered. This unique symposium will offer many opportunities to network with colleagues from a variety of disciplines in academia, industry, and government from all over the world, while still maintaining a distinctly European focus.

SPIE Security + Defence will consider all aspects of this evolving field of optronics and photonics New challenges continue to emerge. While artificial intelligence has seen many papers in the past at this symposium, for 2019 we launch a new conference: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Defence Applications. For this conference organizers will arrange for joint sessions with the other conferences dealing with applications of artificial intelligence. Other relevant topics are also welcome to ensure a vibrant meeting. Engineers and researchers from government, military, academia and the commercial sector will discuss current status and future directions of a wide range of R&D projects. Participation from academic institutes is especially encouraged; graduate and undergraduate student researchers are invited to submit their work and interact with international leaders. All papers presented at this event will appear in the SPIE Digital Library.

Abstracts must be submitted by March 13. Authors will be notified by May 24. Papers are due by August 14. 

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