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UV-Visible-NIR Polarization Spectroscopy of Microscopic Samples

CRAIC Technologies, a California (US)-based provider of UV-visible-NIR microanalysis solutions, announced the addition of UV-visible-NIR polarization spectroscopy capabilities to CRAIC microspectrophotometres. This feature is offered as a package that allows the user to measure polarisation spectra in either transmission or reflectance modes. With the ability to measure polarisation microspectra in the ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared regions, the UV-visible-NIR polarisation package represents a new tool for both materials science and biological research. 

CRAIC Technology’s polarisation package consists of optics and hardware designed to be added to CRAIC Technologies microspectrophotometres. As such, it can used to measure the polarisation spectra in both transmission and incident illumination modes. The optics are designed to operate in the spectral range from the ultraviolet through to the near-infrared regions. 

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