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Replacing Silicon with Graphene Opens Market Opportunity
  • Gunter Lpke left and Wei Zhang look over their laser optics table in Lpkes Small Hall laboratory Photo by Stephen Salpukas

    Nonlinear Magneto Plasmonics May Improve Magnetic Storage

    A research group based at the College of William & Mary has advanced the understanding of an important property of plasmonics by devising a method to regulate the magnetic contrast of the effect. The researchers say that it is s essentially...
  • Noninvasive focusing through scattering samples

    Adaptive Optics May Bring Better Vision to Medicine

    Zooming in on diseased tissue or scanning fragile biological samples are essential tools in medicine and biological research but this often requires peering through layers of tissue and other materials that can blur and distort the image. Certain...
  • Dr Rosalie Driessen with the JPK NanoTracker optical tweezers system located at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry

    Using Optical Tweezers to Study Genomic DNA Organisation

    JPK Instruments, a manufacturer of nanoanalytic instrumentation for research in life sciences and soft matter, reports on the use of the NanoTracker Optical Tweezers system in the Laboratory of Molecular Genetics in the Leiden Institute of...
  • Detection of infrared and terahertz has numerous uses
  • Dr Manuela Schiek at the University of Oldenburg, Germany has discovered how the quick and non-destructive nature of the Olympus LEXT OLS4100
  • Northwestern University researchers working in a quantum world
  • Mouse brain blood vessels before cocaine Credit Biomedical Optics Express

    Your Brain on Cocaine

    A new method for measuring and imaging how quickly blood flows in the brain could help doctors and researchers better understand how drug abuse affects the brain, which may aid in improving brain-cancer surgery and tissue engineering and lead to...
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  • Using a 3-D sensor system developed by the Austrian Institute of Technology AIT, the tram records the surroundings and detects obstacles on the line

    VISION 2014: Traffic monitoring and management

    Machine vision is increasingly making inroads into non-industrial application areas such as traffic management, traffic monitoring, traffic safety and transport. In order to provide users in these sectors with a more detailed overview of the...
  • International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society Awards

    International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society Winners

    The International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society honored nineteen companies and organizations today for "Advancing the Entertainment Industry through Technology," during the Society's 5th Annual Entertainment Technology and...
  • Digital Lumens Fixture-Integrated Digital Light Agent
  • GridComms intelligent street lighting is designed to cut costs and reduce emissions

    Cloud-Based, Smart Street Lighting

    GridComm, a provider of power line communications (PLC) solutions that enable the transformation of the power grid into a smart grid, announced the launch of its Intelligent Street Lighting Solution. GridComm's Intelligent Street Lighting...
  • AOC coats large optic for Multiple Mirror Telescope
  • Live demonstration of optical interface at ECOC 2014
  • Kerf-less laser glass cutting process

    Rofin High-Speed Glass Cutting with Lasers

    In a year when global shipments of smartphones and tablets are expected to surpass 2 billion units, the ability to cut glass and similar materials is critical.  Television screens, computer screens and smart watches also need tough screens...
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