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3DOptix has launched a free, cloud-based optical design and simulation platform - no installation is needed - the software runs on a standard browser. The platform provides remote access to a virtual lab with optomechanics, lasers and detectors. Both professionals and students can run an optical simulation with off-the-shelf optical components from leading vendors or any customized optical elements.

The optical design and simulation platform was developed from a deep need to reduce the multiple trial and error iteration in the lab among scientists, researchers and engineers in the optics community.

Beta Platform opened

Currently, the beta platform has about 1,000 users, more than 20,000 optical elements from 15 different vendors available in the database and off-the-shelf optomechanics with built-in mechanical functionalities. All products are ready for simulation and mounting. Once the optical design has gone through the simulation phase, the implementation in the lab becomes straightforward and easy with a simulated optomechanical blueprint. Additionally, users can generate 2D sketches for an article or a paper directly from the platform.

3DOptix is open for beta testing. Please apply by sending an email to [email protected] or visit our website at and register. As we are overwhelmed with requests to join our beta testing, it might take a few days to approve the application.

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