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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

facial recognition
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  • facial recognition

    Why Facial Recognition is the Face of the Future

    New security applications on mobile devices has put facial recognition in the spotlight. For the first time, smartphone users can unlock their devices and pay for purchases simply by looking at their screens. From a technical standpoint, facial...
  • Image of motherboard

    The Promise of Thermal Imaging in Automated Inspection

    While traditional cameras rely on visible light to capture images of what they “see,” infrared cameras generate images that depict the invisible energy or heat of objects. Every object emits thermal radiation, and the warmer an object,...
  • Microscopy Lab

    Setting Up the Ideal Electron Microscopy Lab

    Today’s busy labs are packed full of new technologies and electronic equipment; space is at a premium and this busy setting, combined with the growth – and noise – produced by surrounding cities, causes a significant problem for...
  • Cutting food waste with Winnow Vision

    Artificial Intelligence Helps Cut Food Waste

    Every day about one-third of all food harvested or produced around the globe is wasted. That amounts to about 1.3 billion tons of food. IKEA prides itself on its focus on sustainability and being careful with the world’s resources. Not only...
  • Optical Coatings

    How to Test Optical Coatings

    Testing optical coatings always has some variables depending on the coating type, substrate material, application, and complexity of the test requirements (both mechanical and optical). The following is a short outline of the methods that the...
  • Lasers and Industry 40

    Lasers and Industry 4.0

    Cutting-edge laser-based technologies are a key component of Industry 4.0 systems and occupy an increasingly central role in the ongoing evolution of connected, agile and high-speed manufacturing processes. Versatile technology Industry 4.0 - also...
  • 2Photon Microscopy

    Fixed-Wavelength Laser for Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy

    The typical approach to generating images of biological samples through a two-photon non-linear process historically means using tunable solid state laser sources (Ti:Sapphire) that are costly and often suffer with reliability issues. In this...

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