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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Solar Roof Infrared Inspection
A bandpass filter has been created by Denmark-based Delta Optical Thin Film for a novel fluorescence spectrometer for Edinburgh Instruments
3D Surface Inspection Solution from Isra Vision
  • AI-Powered System Automates Quality-Control Process in Textile Industry
  • Solar Roof Infrared Inspection

    Using Drones to Inspect Solar Energy Systems

    Infrared Testing, Inc. (ITI) is pairing its thermal imaging expertise with cutting-edge drone technology to identify issues affecting the performance of solar energy systems. Drones equipped with infrared cameras are...
  • 3D Surface Inspection Solution from Isra Vision

    3D Surface Inspection Solution from Isra Vision

    Isra Vision, the TecDAX company for industrial image processing (machine vision) and a supplier of surface-inspection solutions for web materials and 3D machine vision applications, provides customized 3D high-end solutions for...
  • The KUKA robot KR 30 is available from now on for dispensing tests at ViscoTec technical centreshere with a vipro-DUOMIX 2-component dispenser from ViscoTec for aerospace applications

    KUKA Robot Dispenses Tests

    The ViscoTec Customer & Innovation Center (CIC) which opened in September 2017 has now one more highlight. A new KUKA robot for precise customer pretests complements the technical laboratory equipment. ViscoTec is the dosing...
  • With up to 25 kW, the working plane is preheated independently of the overall height
  • Lighting in horticulture
  • Spectral image taken over central Africa shows and the Tshuapa river near Mbandaka The red edge of vegetation is clearly visible the reflectance of the forest rapidly increases around 700 nm In the image 750 nm is visualized by red pixels, 670 nm by green
  • A bandpass filter has been created by Denmark-based Delta Optical Thin Film for a novel fluorescence spectrometer for Edinburgh Instruments

    Variable Filters Optimize Design of Spectrometer

    As the result of a joint 1.3 million Euro Eurostars Optitune research project, design engineers at Edinburgh Instruments developed a novel grating-based fluorescence spectrometer whose performance has been enhanced by the use of linear...
  • Medical illumination

    LEDs in Life Sciences and Medical Illumination

    Traditionally life science and medical endoscopy have turned to the broadband light sources such as mercury, metal halide and xenon lamps to fulfill their demanding illumination requirements. With recent advances in light emitting diodes, these...
  • VR AR Goggles
  • Faberg Egg OptoClone Courtesy of The Hellenic Institute of Holography, Greece

    Choosing Lasers for Holographic Applications

    The single most important performance characteristic required when considering lasers for holographic applications is long coherence length, in addition to good power stability, wavelength accuracy and stability, and, above all, excellent...
  • Types of lidar Image courtesy Intel

    Sensors Map the Path to Fully Autonomous Vehicles

    One of the important questions surrounding the deployment of new technologies in autonomous vehicles is which type of sensor, or sensor combination, will provide the optimum price and performance. The issue is complex because the sensors chosen to...
  • orthopedic implant
  • At MCPack, Teledyne DALSA BOA smart cameras capture color images of the seals of cookie packages as they cross the field of view on five production lines

    Optimizing the Food Sorting Process with Imaging Technology

    In recent years, there has been growing importance placed on issues of food safety and quality control. It is estimated that by 2025, the world’s population will exceed 8 billion people, with most growth occurring in developing countries. To...

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