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Reporting on ways in which light technologies are being applied to solve problems through photonics throughout the world.

Image credit Ryan Trainor Franklin and Marshall College
  • Micro-BNC

    CoaXPress Cabling Considerations

    Many contemporary industrial vision systems rely on cable/connector assemblies to link cameras to computers. Despite that fact, few systems integrators would claim that specifying such an assembly is a top priority when configuring their systems....
  • Lidar and the road ahead

    Lidar and the Road Ahead

    There’s no doubt that technology innovation is disrupting the automotive industry. The concept of turning cars into robots that provide the ultimate convenience on the road, while dramatically improving safety, is appealing and exciting. The...
  • A small conveyor presents containers of dental floss to an inspection station A camera then captures an image of the top of the floss container which is transferred to an industrial computer for processing A CNN classifier within the Matrox Design Assista

    Deep Learning Delivers Distinctive Dental Floss Inspection

    Over the past two decades, many manufacturers have sought to ease the software development burden faced by vision systems integrators. Much of the effort to do so has involved the creation of software tools that enabled systems developers to reduce...
  • Driving under the influence

    Photonics Help Detect Those Driving Under the Influence

    Driving under the influence and vehicle immobilization are hot topics of discussion. Measurement apparatuses in automobiles are designed to lock the ignition when the driver’s alcohol content is too high. It is not until the driver is able to...
  • Pharmaceutical inspection

    Pros and Cons of Popular 3D Technologies

    3D vision is becoming an unavoidable technology – and that’s a good thing. Advances in technology and reduced cost now make 3D vision a technology that can be applied to all sorts of applications. General quality inspections,...
  • CoaXPress Version 20 supports data rates of up to 125 Gbitsec per cable, or up to 50 Gbitsec in a typical four cable system Image courtesy Active Silicon

    New CoaXPress Standard Boasts a Host of Benefits

    The CoaXPress (CXP) standard is a camera-to-computer interface that has dominated the high speed vision systems market over the past several years. The result of work performed initially by a consortium of companies including Adimec, EqcoLogic,...
  • scanning the eye

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