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Dr. Florian Kaiser Awarded Chair for Quantum Computing Project
  • indoor solar

    'Indoor solar' to Power the Internet of Things

    From Wi-Fi-connected home security systems to smart toilets, the so-called Internet of Things brings personalization and convenience to devices that help run homes. But with that comes tangled electrical cords or batteries that need to be replaced....
  • A sequence of images showing cells in transition Photo by MIT

    A New Way to See the Activity Inside a Living Cell

    Living cells are bombarded with many kinds of incoming molecular signal that influence their behavior. Being able to measure those signals and how cells respond to them through downstream molecular signaling networks could help scientists learn...
  • This gas cell is a key component of a compact wakefield laser accelerator developed at The University of Texas at Austin Inside, an extremely powerful laser strikes helium gas, heats it into a plasma and creates waves that kick out electrons from the gas
  • Semiconductor research

    Leading Edge Semiconductor Research on 200/300 mm Wafers

    Modern electronics developments require state-of-the-art technologies and manufacturing processes, which are a financial challenge for many companies. Located in the heart of Silicon Saxony, Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS...
  • Chip scale, ultrafast mode-locked laser based on nanophotonic lithium niobate CREDIT Alireza Marandi
  • The image shows the propagation of the cilia metachronal wave in space and time as captured with the new method Credit Tian Xia and Irina V Larina, Baylor College of Medicine
  • perovskite solar

    Further Advancements in Perovskite Research

    In a groundbreaking development, researchers at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU) have achieved a significant breakthrough in adapting perovskite solar cells for renewable energy, marking a pivotal advancement in sustainable energy....
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