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Prof Poprawe
Photonics and sustainability
SPIE and Photonex
  • Prof Poprawe

    Prof. Reinhart Poprawe Honored at Laser World of Photonics

    Throughout his professional life, Prof. Reinhart Poprawe shaped technological progress in photonics and specifically built up the next generation of young talent for the industry. Now the laser visionary is retiring in the fall of 2019. At the...
  • Andy Zosel

    Andy Zosel Appointed President and CEO of OMRON Microscan

    OMRON announced Andy Zosel is the new President & CEO of its OMRON Microscan business located in Renton, Washington (US). Andy Zosel joined Microscan in 1997 as a design engineer and has since held several leadership positions in customer...
  • Benno Oderkerk, President of EPIC welcoming Christian Bosshard left and Samuel Bucourt right to the EPIC Board at EPIC Board Meeting in Torino in February 2019
  • Thomas Polzer, Berliner Glas
  • UKIVA keynote

    UKIVA Keynote Focuses on AI Tools to Reduce Food Waste

    The UKIVA Machine Vision Conference and Exhibition, which takes place at the Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes, UK on Thursday 6th June 2019, will open at 10 AM with a keynote address by Minh-Tri Pham from Winnow. His talk is entitled:...
  • Werner Feith Image courtesty of EMVA

    EMVA Appoints Werner Feith as New Standards Manager

    The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) has appointed Werner Feith as new EMVA Standards Manager. Werner will be responsible to promote the European machine vision standardization activities worldwide and to coordinate the development...
  • EMVA Young Professional Award Winner Dr Johannes Meyer left, EMVA President Jochem Herrmann Picture source EMVA

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