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  • Grain testing

    KPM Analytics Acquires Bruins Instruments

    KPM Analytics, an industrial equipment firm owned by Union Park Capital, has expanded with the acquisition of Bruins Instruments, a manufacturer of high-resolution near-infrared (NIR) reflectance and transmission analyzers...
  • Scanlab

    Scanlab BV to Focus on Evolution of Polygon Scanners

    TecInvest Holding AG, the parent company of SCANLAB GmbH and Next Scan Technology BVBA, is realigning its organization in the polygon scanner segment. Next Scan Technology (NST) will be integrated into the Puchheim-based...
  • renewable energy

    II-VI Signs Renewable Energy Contract in China

    IIâ€VI Incorporated, a specialist in engineered materials and optoelectronic components, announced that it has signed a major renewable energy contract in China. The II-VI site in Wuxi represents approximately 50%...
  • LED Manufacturing
  • Nikalyte gold nanoparticle SERS schematic
  • OFC

    OFC 2022 Plenary Speakers Announced

    From how 5G is enabling our autonomous world to the communications technology needed for space exploration to current and future silicon photonics advancements, three industry luminaries will share how optical technology is...
  • self driving car
  • pulsed laser

    Spotlight on Latvian Photonics Research Center

    Materize is a Latvia-based research center providing R&D, prototyping and industrialisation services in the fields of photonics, sensors, spectroscopy, thin films, and coatings. Jose Pozo, the CEO of EPIC, talked to Andris Anspoks, the CEO of...
  • laser diode driver

    The Launch of Russian Laser Diode Manufacturer

    Maiman Electronics LLC is a Russia-based company that specializes in the development and manufacture of laser diode drivers. The company has partners across various industries from material processing to medical equipment to laser measurement,...
  • investing in photonics

    Why Invest in Photonics?

    You don't have to go look up the definition of Photonics to understand the impact of scientific studies and technologies related to the generation, manipulation and revelation of light on every economic sector. Photonics permeates the daily...
  • SCIL
  • components
  • green photonics

    Five Photonic Leaders Take Steps to Reduce Carbon

    COP26 concluded last week with countries coming together to finalize the Paris Agreement. While the promises were not as strong as anticipated, one major achievement is that the Glasgow Climate Pact reduces coal production globally. A further...
  • 1mm glass edge measurement
  • SPIE Award

    SPIE Announces its 2022 Society Awards

    The Awards Committee of SPIE, the international society for optics and photonics, today announced the recipients of its prestigious annual awards. Honoring transformative advancements in multiple areas — including medicine,...
  • Wallace Latimer

    FISBA LLC Promotes Wallace Latimer to President

    FISBA LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of FISBA AG, a custom photonics solution provider headquartered in Switzerland, has promoted Wallace Latimer to its President. In his new role, he is responsible for human resources, financial and technical...
  • Nick Cobb Memorial Scholarship Recipient
  • SPIE pin

    SPIE Announces its 2022 Fellows

    This year, SPIE welcomes 58 Members as new Fellows of the Society. They join their Fellow Member colleagues in being honored for their technical achievements, as well as for their service to the optics and photonics community and to SPIE....
  • Torsten Vahrenkamp, CEO of ficonTEC right is honored with the EPIC CEO Award 2021 by Jose Pozo, CTO of EPIC left

    EPIC Announces Winner of CEO Award 2021

    The European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC)  announced the winner of the EPIC CEO Award 2021 as Torsten Vahrenkamp, CEO and co-founder of ficonTEC. After co-founding the company together with Matthias Trinker (CFO), and following a very...
  • Kosik using a diffuse optical tomography system to map out the laser fluence intensity in a 3D imaging volume This type of calibration can significantly increase the accuracy of photoacoustic tomography, permitting quantitative imaging and precision photo
  • Pavlo Ivanov

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