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Luxinar at Laser Korea
  • grating
  • Dynamic multibeam laser head

    QiOVA: Programmable laser beam shaping

    QiOVA is a French company that designs advanced laser beam delivery systems that unleash the full potential of laser processing. The company's VULQ1 multibeam technology enables new solutions for laser marking and micromachining in the...
  • Lab at VitreaLab
  • Cordon

    Cordon Electronics: Microwave modules and subsystems

    Cordon Electronics is an Italian firm that specializes in the design, manufacture and integration of photonics and electronic products. Its Microtech Business Unit, develops and manufactures microwave modules and transceivers up to 80 GHz...
  • LightCounting
  • Chromacity Laser

    Chromacity: Design and manufacture of ultrafast lasers

    Chromacity is a Scottish company specializing in the design and manufacture of ultrafast femtosecond lasers and picosecond optical parametric oscillators (OPO), which are helping to advance applications in multi-photon microscopy, quantum...
  • Diafir Spid
  • Brandon McMurtry, a PhD candidate in the Department of Chemistry at Columbia University, will serve as the 2021-22 SPIE-OSA Arthur H Guenther Congressional Fellow
  • David Hagan, Dean
  • Mr Westerhoff

    Sill Optics Expands Sales Team

    Sill Optics recently expanded its sales team with the addition of Mr. Bernhard Westerhoff, Business Development Manager. This will enable the company to further intensify and improve its customer support and care in the future. Mr. Bernhard...
  • EMVA board of directors

    EMVA Elects New Board of Directors

    The General Assembly of the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA), due to the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions taking place in an online format June 1st, 2021, has elected the new EMVA Board of Directors. For the upcoming three-year term, the new...
  • Jenn Cable, ThorLabs

    Jennifer Cable Named President of Thorlabs

    Thorlabs announced that Jennifer Cable has been named President of Thorlabs, a vertically integrated manufacturer of photonics equipment. Since its establishment in 1989, Alex Cable, her father, has served as both President and Chief Executive...
  • OSA news
  • Chris Burgess

    Sentinel Photonics Names Chris Burgess its First CEO

    Sentinel Photonics, a new spin-out company  in the UK that provides novel laser detection and protection products for military users has announced the appointment of its CEO. Chris Burgess became Sentinel Photonics first CEO...

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