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  • Meetoptics

    Meetoptics: Search engine for optical components

    In this article, Jose Pozo, EPIC’s CTO, talks to Bárbara Buades, Co-Founder & CEO of Meetoptics, a highly customizable search engine to find and compare optical components and make contact with specialist photonics service...
  • Philippe Raisin
  • Reading Novus Light

    The Top Ten Most Read Novus Light Articles of 2020

    2020 was a year of monumental challenges throughout the world. And just how did those challenges affect the photonics industry? When we look at our top ten most-read articles as an indication of the latest trends in the industry, we find that the...
  • Volker Sinhoff

    AIXaTECH: Disruptive low-temp epitaxy systems

    AIXaTECH GmbH develops and manufactures epitaxy systems for wide bandgap semiconductor materials. The company,which is located in Baesweiler, Germany, provides technology for the light emitting diode (LED), display (microLED), high power...
  • Peter and Jose

    IMT: Custom micro- and nano-patterned components

    In this article, Jose Pozo, EPIC’s CTO talks to Peter Kirkegaard, CEO of IMT, a Swiss-based leader in the fabrication of precision micro- and nanopatterned glass components for the photonics, medical technology, life sciences &...
  • Michael Rosschadl
  • Patrice Le Boudec

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