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Young Professional Award
  • Paul Ryckaert with Carlos Lee of EPIC
  • Jose Pozo left, Tapio Kallonen right
  • 2019 Top Ten Trends

    Top Ten Trends in Light Technologies, 2019

    Light technologies are at the heart of today´s world, enabling the most sophisticated processes and procedures. Novus Light editors have identified ten significant trends in the application of light technologies, each...
  • Daniel Evans and Jose Pozo
  • Robotic assembly

    European Photonics: The center of global innovation

    Europe has long been at the forefront of the global photonics industry. The photonics sector employs around 300,000 people in Europe, with growth in photonics running at 3.5 times the overall GDP growth, according to “Securing the Future for...
  • Jose Pozo interviews Zeiss Fellow Dr Michael Totzeck
  • 3D Imaging Image courtesy of Allied Market Research

    3D Imaging Market Trends

    3D imaging is a technique to create the illusion of depth in an image. Moreover, it manipulates the 2D data into a three-dimensional format. The recent technological advances and specialized inspection techniques have boosted the growth of the 3D...

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