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Apple spending with European suppliers has increased by more than 50 percent since 2018, fueling cutting-edge innovations in every product Apple makes
  • RefleKron
  • David Mechin

    A Look at Photonics in the Brittany Region of France

    Brittany, (Bretagne in French), situated in northwest France, has always been France’s number one agricultural region and the leading agri-food region in Europe. But in 1960, Pierre Marzin, a native of Lannion and Minister of...
  • Photonics, semiconductors and lighting
  • Jean-Louis Guyaux

    Development of Molecular Beam Epitaxy Systems

    In this article, Ivan Nikitski, EPIC’s Photonics Technology Program Manager, talks to Jean-Louis Guyaux, CTO at Riber, a world leader in molecular beam epitaxy systems for the compound semiconductor industry. Early career Attracted by the...
  • custom filters

    Applications for Continuously Variable Filters

    Antonio Castelo, EPIC’s Technology Manager for Bio-Medical and Lasers, spoke with Poul Svensgaard, CEO of Delta Optical Thin Film, to learn about the market for continuous variable filters. Delta Optical is a Danish developer, and...
  • the future is e-mobility

    Precitec Sees a Bright Future in Laser Welding Systems

    Precitec is a global leader in high-end laser cutting solutions, especially in China, where the company employs 200 people. In laser welding, Precitec is engaged in additive manufacturing, producing intelligent processing heads and welding...
  • Pulse Laser Antireflective Surface Treatments

    Pulse Laser Antireflective Surface Treatments

    In this article, Panagiotis Vergyris, EPIC’s former Photonics Technology Manager talks with Emmanuel Stratakis, Research Director at FORTH-IESL and CEO at Biomimetic, a Greece-based company specialising in pulse laser antireflective...

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