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Global Night Vision Devices Market Forecast 2019-2023
  • Daniel Evans and Jose Pozo
  • Robotic assembly

    European Photonics: The center of global innovation

    Europe has long been at the forefront of the global photonics industry. The photonics sector employs around 300,000 people in Europe, with growth in photonics running at 3.5 times the overall GDP growth, according to “Securing the Future for...
  • Jose Pozo interviews Zeiss Fellow Dr Michael Totzeck
  • 3D Imaging Image courtesy of Allied Market Research

    3D Imaging Market Trends

    3D imaging is a technique to create the illusion of depth in an image. Moreover, it manipulates the 2D data into a three-dimensional format. The recent technological advances and specialized inspection techniques have boosted the growth of the 3D...
  • NILT logo
  • Phillip Schon left interviewed by Jose Pozo of EPIC right
  • Bright Photonics
  • Dr Dirk Berndt

    Dr. Dirk Berndt EMVA Representative to Photonics21 Board

    The European Machine Vision Association (EMVA) is pleased to announce that Dr.-Ing. Dirk Berndt in his role as member of the EMVA Board of Directors has been elected in the Photonics21 Board of Stakeholders (BoS). The Board of Stakeholders is the...
  • Computer scientist Dr Andreas Husch did his AFR PhD at the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg CHL and is now a Postdoc at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine LCSB at the University of Luxembourg

    Best VPHi Thesis Award for Image-Based Deep Brain Simulation

    Dr Andreas Husch, postdoc at the LCSB at the University of Luxembourg, has been awarded the Best VPHi Thesis Award in In Silico Medicine with application in industrial R&D for his AFR PhD thesis, in which he presents innovative, image-based...
  • Joshua Eller

    Bristol Instruments Expands Team with New Applications Engineer

    Bristol Instruments, Inc., a specialist in optical interferometer-based instrumentation, announces the addition of Mr. Joshua Eller to its Engineering team. He joins Bristol Instruments in the role of Hardware Applications Engineer. Josh comes to...
  • Berthold Leibinger
  • Mike Angel

    SciX 2018: Mike Angel, winner of Applied Spectroscopy award

    Mike Angel is the 2018 recipient of the Applied Spectroscopy award. He is a Professor of Chemistry at the University of South Carolina where he has held the Fred M. Weissman Palmetto Chair in Chemical Ecology since 2005 and named a Carolina Trustee...
  • PI Ceramic General Management Dr Karl Spanner, Dr Patrick Pertsch, and Dr Peter Schittenhelm from left to right Image PI
  • Dr Hakan Karlsson

    Dr. Hakan Karlsson Appointed Head of HUBNER Photonics

    The management of HÜBNER Group announced that Dr. Håkan Karlsson has been appointed as Head of HÜBNER Photonics as of 1st September 2018. In this new role, Dr Karlsson will lead all the HÜBNER Group’s laser...

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