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  • The researchers tested their new nanoscopy approach technique by using it to image a 60-nanometer ring inset The new nanoscopy approach could resolve the ring using just 10 image frames while traditional approaches needed up to 4000 frames to achieve the
  • 3D print pendant
  • crystalline silicon

    Punching Holes in Opaque Solar Cells Turns Them Transparent

    Researchers in Korea have found an effective and inexpensive strategy to transform solar cells from opaque to transparent. Existing transparent solar cells tend to have a reddish hue and lower efficiency, but by punching holes that are around 100...
  • Re-construction

    Microendoscope Produces High-Quality Micro-Images

    Johns Hopkins engineers have created a new lens-free, ultra-miniaturized endoscope—the width of only a few human hairs—that is capable of producing high-quality images. Their findings were in Science Advances. "Usually,...
  • eft to right Dr Stuart Boden, Dr Tasmiat Rahman and Jack Tyson celebrate at the IET Innovation Awards ceremony
  • alertness
  • Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany A diode-pumped alexandrite laser reduces the size and energy requirement of the LIDAR system by a factor of 100

    Alexandrite Lasers Help Collect Complex Climate Data

    Higher atmospheric layers are becoming more and more interesting for climate researchers, but the areas above 40 km are only directly accessible with sounding rockets. A newly developed lidar system (Light Detection and Ranging) with a diode-pumped...
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