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  • Making electricity in estuary

    Producing Electricity at Estuaries using Light and Osmosis

    Researchers at EPFL in Switzerland are working on a technology to exploit osmotic energy – a source of power that’s naturally available at estuaries, where fresh water comes into contact with seawater. In a laboratory experiment,...
  • Micro-pulse DIAL MPD 1, of a network of five, deployed at the ARM Southern Great Plains atmospheric observatory in north-central Oklahoma Credit Catharine Bunn
  • The mode sorter splits a light beam into modes

    Device May Lead to Faster Internet, Better Medical Imaging

    University of Queensland researcher and optical engineer Dr Joel Carpenter worked with Nokia Bell Labs to build the device to tackle the challenge of splitting light into the shapes it is made up of, known as modes. "Splitting a beam of light...
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  • Lens manufacturing

    Low-Cost, Custom Lens Manufacturing

    Researchers from Washington State University and Ohio State University have developed a low-cost, easy way to make custom lenses that could help manufacturers avoid the expensive molds required for optical manufacturing. Led by Lei Li, assistant...
  • Fraunhofer IOF, Jena, GermanyWalter Oppel The scaling of the multi-kW ultrafast fiber laser is based on the coherent combination of several individual beamsFraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Advanced Photon Sources CAPS

    Application Offensive for Ultrafast Lasers in the kW Range

    Experts from 13 different Fraunhofer institutes are working on the development of multi-kW ultrafast lasers and various applications in the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Advanced Photon Sources CAPS. A user facility with application laboratories...
  • Credit Dudarev MikhailAdobe Stock
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