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Beyond 400 Gigabit Ethernet
  • IDS Machine Vision Cameras
  • Corn plants grow around the base of solar photovoltaic panels in a field north of Purdues Agronomy Center for Research and Education The panels are part of the Sustainable Food, Energy and Water Systems SFEWS research project intended to examine how to pr

    Solar on Farmland: Cogenerating electricity alongside crops

    A team of engineers, agronomists and economists at Purdue University’s Center for Sustainable Food, Energy and Water Systems (SFEWS), supported by the National Science Foundation, are developing novel photovoltaic (PV) module designs for use...
  • Using SEM to look at spiders

    Studying Spiders with a Scanning Electron Microscope

    Independent, amateur arachnologist Jeremy Poole began studying spiders in 1995, and early in 2016 he started compiling stunning SEM images along the way. Gradually perfecting his technique since then he has been lucky enough to attend courses on...
  • IP Cores
  • Optoplasmonic sensor

    Optoplasmonic Sensor Tests Milk Quality

    Standards of food safety and food quality have never been higher in Germany and throughout the European Union. This is especially true in the dairy industry. Yet despite such high standards, traces of impurities, pesticides and antibiotics can find...
  • Resolve Optics

    Resolve Optics Contributes to Space Projects

    Many different types of optical imaging and sensing systems are today used to observe and measure the Earth and the universe at large. However, designing optical systems for satellites and spacecraft is challenging due to the harsh conditions that...
  • Hamamatsu laser

    Real-time Monitoring of Thermal Laser Processes

    The SPOLD and LD-Heater laser processing systems from Hamamatsu, which were recently introduced in Europe, feature real-time integrated temperature measuring. This enables simpler and more precise thermal laser processes, e.g. for plastic welding,...
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