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The World Celebrates the Second International Day of Light
  • Fraunhofer IOF, Jena, GermanyWalter Oppel The scaling of the multi-kW ultrafast fiber laser is based on the coherent combination of several individual beamsFraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Advanced Photon Sources CAPS

    Application Offensive for Ultrafast Lasers in the kW Range

    Experts from 13 different Fraunhofer institutes are working on the development of multi-kW ultrafast lasers and various applications in the Fraunhofer Cluster of Excellence Advanced Photon Sources CAPS. A user facility with application laboratories...
  • Credit Dudarev MikhailAdobe Stock
  • Leti

    CMOS Process for High-Performance MicroLEDs

    Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, today announced a new technology for fabricating GaN microLED displays for applications ranging from smart watches to TVs with no size limit. The approach fabricates elementary units of all-in-one...
  • Guiness

    Light Technologies Help Discover Key to the Guinness Pour

    Guinness beer, a dark stout beer, is pressurized with nitrogen gas. When poured Guinness beer into a pint glass, small-diameter bubbles (only 1/10 the size of those in carbonated drinks such as soda and carbonated water) disperse throughout the...
  • RWTH Aachen University Simulation software enables users to view the laser-structured surface against a realistic backdrop

    Laser Structuring at Triple the Productivity

    Car makers currently use a variety of methods to emboss plastic panels for vehicle interiors. However, manufacturing the tools required for this purpose is an extremely time-consuming process. This situation can be improved using a new laser...
  • shark on plane

    Lasers Produce Shark Skins on Aircraft

    During IntAirCoat Conference 2019, Laser specialist 4JET (Alsdorf, Germany) and leading aircraft paint supplier Mankiewicz (Hamburg, Germany) will introduce a new laser process for the creation of fuel saving riblets automatically lasered onto...
  • advancing quantum computing with holography

    Holographic Technique Opens the Way for Quantum Computation

    Photography measures how much light of different color hits the photographic film. However, light is also a wave, and is therefore characterized by the phase. Phase specifies the position of a point within the wave cycle and correlates to depth of...
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