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Photoacoustic Endoscopy Could Improve Crohn's Disease Treatment
  • Cornell Research on Autonomous Vision
  • Photonics

    Photonics: The curious case of the disappearing cylinders

    A pair of researchers at Tokyo Institute of Technology describes a way of making a submicron-sized cylinder disappear without using any specialized coating. Their findings could enable invisibility of natural materials at optical...
  • When atomically thin layers of two materials are stacked and twisted, a heterostructure material emerges A new connection is formed, almost instantaneously, with special energy statesknown as interlayer excitonsthat exist in both layers

    Tailor-made Materials with Ultrafast Connections

    Through magic twist angles and unique energy states, it is possible to design tailor-made, atomically thin materials that could be invaluable for future electronics. Now, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and Regensburg...
  • clock

    Super-Accurate Optical Atomic Clocks Pass Critical Test

    Researchers have measured an optical clock’s ticking with record-breaking accuracy while also showing the clock can be operated with unprecedented consistency. These achievements represent a significant step toward demonstrating that the new...
  • Rendering of microwave resonator showing the blue microwave signals size change resulting from a light pulse red once the pulse hits the infrared pixel micrograph image of pixel is shown in the inset
  • New record
  • Detecting pollution

    Detecting Pollution with a Compact Laser Source

    Researchers at EPFL have come up with a new middle infrared light source that can detect greenhouse and other gases, as well as molecules in a person’s breath. The compact system, which resembles a tiny suitcase, contains just two parts: a...
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