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  • Hubner Photonics Opens US Office

    HUBNER Photonics Opens a Direct Sales Office in USA

    HÜBNER Photonics, a division of the German HÜBNER Group, announced the opening of a new direct office in the USA. The new direct office is an expansion of the current Cobolt Inc. office which will essentially be...
  • Lasys

    Lasys 2020: June in Stuttgart

    LASYS, the international trade fair for laser material processing, will be taking place from 16 to 18 June 2020 in Stuttgart for the 7th time already and will once again be “the place to be(am)”. During one of the...
  • MoU EPIC and Ethernet Alliance
  • Eurpean Machine Vision Forum
  • Critical Link wins awards
  • Waterside Court, Active Silicons new operations facility

    Active Silicon Expands in the UK

    Active Silicon has announced the opening of its new production and operations facility in Langley, UK, following weeks of fit-out and preparation. The new premises are ideally located close to major motorway networks, within...
  • Taking Off

    FLIR Completes Strategic Investment in DroneBase

    FLIR Systems, Inc. and DroneBase, Inc. announced today that FLIR has made a strategic investment in DroneBase, a global drone operations company that provides businesses access to one of the largest Unmanned Aerial Surveillance...
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  • When atomically thin layers of two materials are stacked and twisted, a heterostructure material emerges A new connection is formed, almost instantaneously, with special energy statesknown as interlayer excitonsthat exist in both layers

    Tailor-made Materials with Ultrafast Connections

    Through magic twist angles and unique energy states, it is possible to design tailor-made, atomically thin materials that could be invaluable for future electronics. Now, researchers at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, and Regensburg...
  • clock

    Super-Accurate Optical Atomic Clocks Pass Critical Test

    Researchers have measured an optical clock’s ticking with record-breaking accuracy while also showing the clock can be operated with unprecedented consistency. These achievements represent a significant step toward demonstrating that the new...
  • Rendering of microwave resonator showing the blue microwave signals size change resulting from a light pulse red once the pulse hits the infrared pixel micrograph image of pixel is shown in the inset
  • New record
  • Detecting pollution

    Detecting Pollution with a Compact Laser Source

    Researchers at EPFL have come up with a new middle infrared light source that can detect greenhouse and other gases, as well as molecules in a person’s breath. The compact system, which resembles a tiny suitcase, contains just two parts: a...
  • Using Lasers to Efficiently Recycle Valuable Materials

    Using Lasers to Efficiently Recycle Valuable Materials

    Since 2015, nine project partners from four countries have been researching how to disassemble electronics and reclaim valuable materials in the EU project "ADIR – Next Generation Urban Mining – Automated Disassembly, Separation...
  • Counting biomolecules

    At-home Disease Detection Made Possible with Photonics

    With nothing more than a photonic chip and an ordinary camera, EPFL in Lausanne (Switzerland) researchers have managed to count biomolecules one by one in a small sample and determine their position. Their tiny device – a marriage of...
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