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Finessing Light Storage to Create Rainbows of Color
  • Nonlinear ultrafast light-matter interactions
  • Researchers developed an extremely sensitive miniaturized optical fiber sensor that can measure small pressure changes Adding a side hole that runs parallel to the fiber core enhanced the pressure measurement and accuracy Credit Xin Cheng, The Hong Kong P

    Tiny Sensor Measures Subtle Pressure Changes Inside the Body

    Researchers have developed an extremely sensitive miniaturized optical fiber sensor that could one day be used to measure small pressure changes in the body. “Our new pressure sensor was designed for medical applications and overcomes many of...
  • service robot sanitizes
  • Plasmonic surfaces

    Metasurface Poised to Improve Communication and Biosensing

    Researchers have created a new plasmonic metasurface that achieves record high light efficiency over the entire centimeter-scale metasurface. The advance makes the new nanostructured thin film practical for use in a variety of applications from...
  • Fabrication of the ultrathin SWNTPI conductor ae Schematic illustration of the fabrication process of SWNTPI ultrathin conductors a thermal deposition of MoO3 on a quartz glass substrate, b dry transfer of SWNT film, c spincoating of PI precursor and anne

    Making Foldable Cells a Practical Reality

    With the recent development of foldable mobile phone screens, research on foldable electronics has never been so intensive. One particularly useful application of the foldable technology is in solar panels. Current solar cells are restricted to...
  • Schematic representations not to scale of Lloyds Mirror setup for high-NA EUV interference coupon experiments
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