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II-VI Signs Renewable Energy Contract in China
  • Scanlab

    Scanlab BV to Focus on Evolution of Polygon Scanners

    TecInvest Holding AG, the parent company of SCANLAB GmbH and Next Scan Technology BVBA, is realigning its organization in the polygon scanner segment. Next Scan Technology (NST) will be integrated into the Puchheim-based...
  • LED Manufacturing
  • Nikalyte gold nanoparticle SERS schematic
  • OFC

    OFC 2022 Plenary Speakers Announced

    From how 5G is enabling our autonomous world to the communications technology needed for space exploration to current and future silicon photonics advancements, three industry luminaries will share how optical technology is...
  • self driving car
  • CES

    CES 2022 to Close One Day Early as Safety Measure

    The Consumer Technology Association (CTA)  announced that CES 2022 will be closing one day early, and the in-person event will take place in Las Vegas on Jan. 5-7, 2022. The step was taken as an...
  • Focuslight unified with Limo

    Focuslight Completes Brand Unification with Limo GmbH

    Focuslight Technologies, a global provider of high-power diode lasers, laser optics and photonics modules and systems solutions, announced that its 2017 acquisition with LIMO GmbH, a Focuslight Company, has fully...
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  • Scanning the laser beam in an optical objective could allow applications for high-throughput experimentation, to scope reaction conditions, which generate nanomolar quantities of the desired compound in minuscule volumes for example, 1l arrayed across a m

    New Photonic Effect Could Speed Drug Development

    Twisted nanoscale semiconductors manipulate light in a new way, researchers at the University of Bath and the University of Michigan have shown. The effect could be harnessed to accelerate the discovery and development of life-saving medicines as...
  • Researchers have combined computational ghost imaging and x-ray fluorescence measurement in a high-resolution and efficient way to produce chemical element maps The new method could be useful for a range of applications in biomedicine, materials science,
  • The technology weve developed in collaboration with the university is nothing short of a breakthrough for our ability to recycle plastics, says Hans Axel Kristensen, CEO of PLASTIX Photo Vestforbrnding

    Breakthrough in Separating Plastic Waste

    In contrast to common perceptions, plastic is in no way near one material. Rather, it is a combination of many materials (polymers) with different chemical compounds and additives such as pigments or fibres, depending on its use. It is very...
  • Rice graduate student Siraj Sidhik prepares to spin-coat a substrate with a compound that solidifies into a 2D perovskite Rice engineers have found the perovskite shows promise for efficient, robust solar cells Photo by Jeff Fitlow

    Ultrathin Solar Cells Get a Boost

    Rice University engineers have achieved a new benchmark in the design of atomically thin solar cells made of semiconducting perovskites, boosting their efficiency while retaining their ability to stand up to the environment.  The lab...
  • Physics Associate Professor Michael Chini is part of the UCF team that created the worlds first optical oscilloscope
  • quantum bowls of light
  • ston Institute of Photonics Research has received a grant of 100,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation
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