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Reducing CO2 Using a Panchromatic Osmium Complex Photosensitizer
  • decarbonizing the grid
  • Saule Technologies achieves over 25

    Saule Technologies' Perovskite Cells Achieve 25.5% Efficiency

    Saule Technologies' perovskite solar cells have achieved over 25% efficiency, as measured under 1000 lux illumination by a cold white LED, which represents the real-life environment for the first commercial application of these devices. The...
  • MIT robot

    A Robotic Arm that Finds Lost Items

    A busy commuter is ready to walk out the door, only to realize they’ve misplaced their keys and must search through piles of stuff to find them. Rapidly sifting through clutter, they wish they could figure out which pile was hiding the keys....
  • Cannabis lighting
  • cutting with lasers

    Paper and Card Cutting Using a CO2 Laser

    Paper converting processes generally operate at very high speeds, with roll-to-roll machines sometimes reaching speeds of up to 400m/min. Laser cutting is achieved by sublimation, removing material without melting. Paper and card materials...
  • strawberries
  • HyperVision Headset
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