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Trioptics Celebrates 30 Years in Business
  • In the top device, two coupled resonators form a figure eight-like structure Input light travels from the waveguide through the resonators, entering as one color and emerging as another The bottom device uses three coupled resonators a small ring resonato

    Shifting Colors for On-Chip Photonics

    The ability to precisely control and change properties of a photon, including polarization, position in space, and arrival time, gave rise to a wide range of communication technologies we use today, including the Internet. The next generation of...
  • microscopy

    Microscope Uses Photonics to Gain Insights into "Superbugs"

    The microscope will allow scientists to peer into bacteria like Streptococcus Pneumoniae at a molecular-scale resolution – showing up objects smaller than 10,000th the thickness of a sheet of paper. A leading cause of bacterial...
  • hologram
  • Co-lead author Carolin Sutter-Fella at Berkeley Lab in 2017 Credit Marilyn SargentBerkeley Lab
  • Terranet

    Superhuman Vision Technology for Autonomous Vehicles

    A joint agreement is signed between pioneers Terranet and autonomous mobility provider NEVS to together work on establishing a new paradigm of urban safety. Firstly the two companies will explore an integration of the VoxelFlow...
  • Benthic Rover II travels across the muddy seafloor, taking photographs and measuring how much oxygen bottom-dwelling animals and microbes are using over time The information gathered by this autonomous rover has helped scientists understand how carbon cyc
  • Novel Athermalized Reflective Beam Collimator

    Novel Athermalized Reflective Beam Collimator

    Optical Surfaces Ltd. reports on a technological development that has allowed them to produce a novel athermalized beam collimator design that delivers stable high performance across a wide temperature range. Dr Aris...
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