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The Role of Photonics in Global Sustainability Efforts
  • Using DNA microscopy, scientists can identify different cells colored dots within a samplewith no prior knowledge of what the sample looks like Credit J Weinstein et alCell 2019

    Imaging Cells with DNA Microscopy Compiles Genomic Information

    Traditionally, scientists have used light, x-rays, and electrons to peer inside tissues and cells. Today, scientists can trace thread-like fibers of nerves throughout the brain and even watch living mouse embryos conjure the beating cells of a...
  • security

    Lasers Can Scan Large Areas for Hazardous Materials

    Researchers have developed a new laser-based method that can detect electric charges and chemicals of interest with unprecedented sensitivity. The new approach could one day offer a way to scan large areas for radioactive material or hazardous...
  • SPI Laser

    New Wire Additive Manufacturing Project

    The NEWAM (New Wire Additive Manufacturing) project has a vision to transform large-area metal additive manufacture, by pioneering new high build-rate wire based processes with greater precision of shape and microstructure. It builds on and...
  • quantum physics meets music

    Recording Music with Rydberg Atoms

    The group at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), Boulder, Colorado (US), spent six years finding a way to directly measure electric fields using atoms, so who can blame them for then having a little fun with their new...
  • Concentrating the sunlight on tiny spots on the heat-generating membrane exploits an inherent and previously unrecognized nonlinear relationship between photothermal heating and vapor pressure Photo by Pratiksha DongareRice University
  • heart imaging

    Atherosclerotic Plaque Imaging with Photoacoustic Radar

    In an article published in the peer-reviewed SPIE publication Journal of Biomedical Optics (JBO), "Frequency-domain differential photoacoustic radar: theory and validation for ultra-sensitive atherosclerotic plaque imaging,"...
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