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Electronics in Hydrogel-Based Soft Contact Lenses
  • Tong Jishan, Director General of Hubei Laser Industry AssociationCarlos Lee, Director General of EPIC
  • Radiant Wins 2018 GLOBAL Technology Award in Inspection AOI
  • II-VI Incorporated to Acquire Finisar

    II-VI Incorporated to Acquire Finisar

    Strategic combination expected to drive significant value creation through increased scale, broadened technological base, complementary product roadmaps and leadership positions in fast-growing markets $150 million of expected...
  • TriLumina Awarded ISO 90012015 Quality Certification

    TriLumina Awarded ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification

    TriLumina, a provider of illumination products for 3D sensing in consumer, industrial and automotive systems, has announced its certification under ISO 9001:2015 standards by the International Organization for Standardization....
  • MIRPHAB Offers Funds and Prototyping for Developing MIR Devices
  • Patrick Abraham, private and public partnership manager at Sofradir

    Sofradir Elected to Photonics21 Board of Stakeholders

    Sofradir, a global developer and manufacturer of advanced infrared (IR) detectors for military, space, scientific and industrial applications, has announced its election to the Board of Stakeholders (BoS) at Photonics21, the...
  • Suometry OmniPolar Camera wins CES 2019 Innovation Award

    Suometry OmniPolar Camera Wins CES 2019 Innovation Award

    The OmniPolar camera enables true real-time stereoscopic stitching and capture. It can generate both high-quality 3D 360° videos as well as depth maps in real-time with computationally light processing and can support...
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  • How the researchers mimicked natural bone formation Credit Anand Kumar RajasekharanChalmers University of Technology
  • Images show multimodal technique using adaptive optics and angiography to simultaneously see photoreceptors top, retinal pigment epithelial cells center, and choriocapillaris in the living human eyeJohnny Tam, PhD

    Retina Imaging: Combining adaptive optics and angiography

    By combining two imaging modalities — adaptive optics and angiography — investigators at the National Eye Institute (NEI) can see live neurons, epithelial cells and blood vessels deep in the eye’s light-sensing retina. Resolving...
  • Fraunhofer IPMS unique CMUT device incorporates ultrasound into the innovative otoscope by OtoNexus Medical Technologies

    MEMS Components May Help Diagnose Middle Ear Infections

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS developed a unique ultrasound transducer using its MEMS technology. OtoNexus Medical Technologies, Inc. - a Seattle, WA-based startup company - is using this technology in an innovative...
  • European Quantum Flagship Initiative Kicked Off

    European Quantum Flagship Initiative Kicked Off in Vienna

    The Quantum Flagship, a €1-billion, 10-year initiative, has launched in Vienna, Austria, on 29 October2018. The overall initiative will involve the quantum community at large, with more than 5000 European researchers in academia and industry...
  • Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Images Deeper Into Tissue

    Light-Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Images Deeper Into Tissue

    A recently developed technique known as light-sheet fluorescence microscopy has led to many biological discoveries by allowing researchers to create 3D images of tissue, even live animal embryos, using fluorescent tags. Now, researchers report the...
  • EU Project UNIQORN Advances Next Generation of Quantum Communication Systems
  • OpenSuperQ

    OpenSuperQ: Joining forces for a European quantum computer

    Ten international partners from academia and industry will collaborate in a unique research endeavour to build a high-performance quantum computer, available to a broad community of users. The project, OpenSuperQ, coordinated by Saarland University...
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  • FLIR thermal camera

    Improving Additive Manufacturing with Thermal Cameras

    Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as 3D printing, is revolutionizing manufacturing, because it uses computerized or digital models to generate simple parts and complex components, and adds material only where it is needed. A growing number of...
  • Orlas Creator samples
  • Floating solar at sprout farm

    Floating Solar Photovoltaic Installation on Agricultural Land

    Ciel & Terre USA, innovators in floating solar power systems, today announced the completion of two new floating solar projects. A municipal floating solar project in Walden, Colorado, and a private floating solar project for Salad Cosmo in...
  • Specialised Imaging

    High Speed Video Camera Measures Material Undergoing Shear

    Specialised Imaging has published a new application report that describes how its Kirana ultra-high-speed video camera has been used by a leading material science laboratory to measure the movement of an aluminium sample undergoing adiabatic shear...
  • AI-Powered System Automates Quality-Control Process in Textile Industry
  • Solar Roof Infrared Inspection

    Using Drones to Inspect Solar Energy Systems

    Infrared Testing, Inc. (ITI) is pairing its thermal imaging expertise with cutting-edge drone technology to identify issues affecting the performance of solar energy systems. Drones equipped with infrared cameras are revolutionizing how solar...
  • 3D Surface Inspection Solution from Isra Vision

    3D Surface Inspection Solution from Isra Vision

    Isra Vision, the TecDAX company for industrial image processing (machine vision) and a supplier of surface-inspection solutions for web materials and 3D machine vision applications, provides customized 3D high-end solutions for advanced surface...
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