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Rising Demand for Photovoltaic Products Boosts Manufacturing in Europe
  • A Optical system configuration with image splitting device positioned in front of a sCMOS camera B Emission of each complementary probe Vm, Ca is separated by wavelength using an image splitting device C Dichroic cube setup with the two emission filters a
  • The ion-trap chip with integrated waveguides The laser light is fed into the chip via the optical fibres on the right Photograph K MethaETH Zurich

    Optical Wiring for Large Quantum Computers

    Researchers at ETH in Switzerland have demonstrated a new technique for carrying out sensitive quantum operations on atoms. In this technique, the control laser light is delivered directly inside a chip. This should make it possible to build...
  • A spiderweb-inspired fractal design is used for hemispherical 3D photodetection to replicate the vision system of arthropods Sena Huh image Download image
  • optical setup

    Capturing High Quality 3D Images of Live Cells and Organisms

    Researchers have developed a simple method for simultaneously acquiring images at different depths with a standard microscope. The new technique can be applied to a variety of microscopy methods, making it useful for a wide range of biological and...
  • Microscopy Center of Excellence
  • NREL researcher Lance Wheeler holds samples of perovskite-based window technology Photo by Dennis Schroeder, NREL
  • The microrobot can be seen just to the right of the U in United States on this US penny Purdue University imageGeorges Adam

    Microbot Backflips Through a Live Colon

    A rectangular robot as tiny as a few human hairs can travel throughout a colon by doing back flips, Purdue University engineers have demonstrated in live animal models. Why the back flips? Because the goal is to use these robots to transport drugs...
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