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Ultrasound Method May Eliminate Invasive Internal Medical Exams
  • Radial Majorana

    Robert Alfano Team Identifies New Majorana Photons

    City College of New York Distinguished Professor of Science and Engineering Robert R. Alfano and his research team are claiming another breakthrough with a new super class of photons dubbed “Majorana photons.” They...
  • The molecule captures energy from the sun and releases it later as heat Illustration Yen StrandqvistChalmers

    Solar Window Film Helps to Regulate Indoor Air Temperature

    A window film with a specially designed molecule could be capable of taking the edge off the worst midday heat and instead distributing it evenly from morning to evening. The molecule has the unique ability to capture energy from the sun’s...
  • Xianwen Mao, left, and Peng Chen, the Peter JW Debye Professor of Chemistry, are pictured in the microscope room in Olin Research Laboratory Photo by Rocky Ye

    Imaging Method Can Help Decontaminate Drinking Water

    A breakthrough imaging technique developed by Cornell researchers in Ithaca, New York (US) shows promise in decontaminating water by yielding surprising and important information about catalyst particles that can’t be obtained any other...
  • polarization camera

    Portable Polarization-Sensitive Camera

    When the first full-length movie made with the advanced, three-color process of Technicolor premiered in 1935, The New York Times declared “it produced in the spectator all the excitement of standing upon a peak … and...
  • High-brightness mid-IR laser research
  • Jigang Wang and his collaborators have demonstrated light-induced acceleration of supercurrents, which could enable practical applications of quantum mechanics such as computing, sensing and communicating Larger image Image courtesy of Jigang Wang
  • OCT system designed at Duke University is 15 times lighter and smaller than current commercial systems and is made from parts costing less than a tenth the retail price of commercial systems
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