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Novus Light Technologies Today is produced by a worldwide team of expert editors who provide the leaders of today and tomorrow with insightful, original reporting and in-depth news and analysis through a powerful combination of traditional journalism and today’s online technology.

Novus Light Technologies Today offers expert commentary, industry perspective and vital on-line discussions on a comprehensive list of photonics subjects: Optics, Automation, Electronics, Lasers, MEMs/Nanotech, LEDs, Imaging and Machine Vision, Displays and Cameras.

Providing unmatched local expertise with a global perspective, Novus Light Technologies Today helps you stay current and competitive with informed and intelligent information you can use every day.

We are pleased to introduce our prestigious global editorial team based in all four corners of the world.

Our Editorial Team

Penny Pretty
Group Publisher

Penny has extensive experience in both the editorial and sales aspects of business to business publishing. She worked for US based publisher Photonics Media for many years, successfully expanding its reach and sales in Europe for their global publication Photonics Spectra. In 2008, she was promoted to Associate Publisher for their European magazine EuroPhotonics. Educated in England, France and Argentina, Penny received a degree in psychology. She speaks six languages and considers herself a citizen of the world. She is an inveterate reader, theatergoer and, with a strong intellectual curiosity, is always learning new skills. Located in the English Chiltern hills, she enjoys outdoor country pursuits, skiing, as well as being a keen gardener and cook. Penny is passionate in her commitment to creating a greener tomorrow in both her personal and business life.
+44 1494 416381

Anne Fischer
Editorial Director

A seasoned journalist specializing in technology, medical and science communication, Anne has written for magazines, market research firms, and web sites including Fortune, PC World, and CNET. She has written three books on computers and technology and was managing editor of McGraw-Hill's BYTE magazine, which she brought into the age of desktop publishing. She was Senior Editor at Laurin Publishing, where she launched the Green Photonics column, highlighting the role of photonics in renewable energy and sustainability.
+1 603 924 8886

Drs. Robert Molenaar
European Editor

Robert received a Masters degree in astronomy and physics from Utrecht University. During his research work there, he contributed to the development of spectroscopic and photometric measurement instruments for the observation of binary stars. In Robert's career as a technical journalist he was the Managing Editor of EuroPhotonics magazine for many years. He also founded Molenaar Optics, an engineering and consultancy company in The Netherlands. In both Robert's business and private life, green technology plays a special role. His dedication to optical and laser technologies is leading to a continuous stream of challenging applications for improving the environment.

Robert Molenaar lives in The Netherlands where he enjoys boating, gardening and reading.

Andreas Breyer
Senior Editor - Germany

Andreas started his writing career during his assignment at the German Association for Motor Trade and Repairs where he contributed a multitude of articles in the business field for several national and international magazines. He is co-author of a management book for the automotive retail business. Currently, he is a market research consultant with the European Machine Vision Association (EMVA).He also writes about the automotive and energy technology industries, in particular the research activities in the field of electric vehicles. His bicycle and British sports car convertible act as concession to the current lack of affordable electric vehicles.

He is a passionate reader and likes to work off his affinity toward good food whether from his own kitchen or someone else's by playing badminton and running half-marathons.

Dave Wilson
Senior Editor - UK

A UK-based freelance journalist, Dave Wilson has worked for numerous technical and trade publications over the past thirty years, including Digital Design, The OEM Integrator, Computer Design, Technology Horizons, The Engineer and Vision Systems Design.

During his career, he has written editorials, blogs, news stories and feature length articles describing developments in the fields of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering and computer science. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Physical Electronics from the University of Warwick.

When he’s not in front of his computer poring over dissertations on the latest advances in technology, Dave can be found travelling to peaceful locations in mainland Europe or attempting to control the weeds in his garden.

Rob Bogue
Contributing Editor - UK

Robert Bogue is a physicist with a strong background in environmental sciences, after serving as a technical advisor to the UK Environment Agency. He spent the first part of his career in industrial R&D where he developed an enduring interest in sensors and instrumentation. He is a veteran writer and consultant and has delivered nearly 200 presentations and publications over the past 25 years.

Rob is based in the UK on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, where he treks the mountains in his free time.

Andrew Williams
Contributing Editor - UK

A freelance journalist based in Cardiff, Wales, UK, Andrew holds an M.Sc. in Sustainability and Environmental Policy and has more than ten years experience in researching and writing about green technology and renewable energy. He has worked as a research associate at Cardiff University focusing on sustainable consumption and production.

Apart from keeping fit chasing after his two young children, Andrew loves running and biking in the Welsh countryside, reading and cooking spicy foods. He is also a long-suffering supporter of the Welsh football and rugby teams.

Eliane Maingard
Correspondent - Latin America

Born in Bordeaux, France, Eliane now lives in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her business career has ranged from real estate to, more recently, importing machinery with applications in the food and biotech industries. She is passionate about green technology and strives to educate the less fortunate on greener ways of living.

She enjoys riding horses, painting and gardening. She is also involved in charity work dedicated to teaching the poorest communities the benefits of recycling. Eliane is fluent in French and Spanish.

Jiang Zhu
Contributing Editor - China

Jiang Zhu is a PhD candidate from the Department of Optical Science and Engineering, Fudan University in Shanghai, China. His research interests focus on the photoluminescence of nanocrystalline silicon and its optical gain. Photoluminescence--the conversion of light frequency or the spectrum reformation--can be used to improve the efficiency of solar cells.

He was the leader of Yanyuan drama group and he also enjoys basketball.

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