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The MPX-16C features the industry-standard C-mount right image, and USB 30 connectivity to computers Users benefit from the superb color rendering and specimen detail seen in the images

Accu-Scope Inc.introduced the MPX-16C 16-megapixel color microscopy camera, the latest addition to the Excelis line of microscope cameras.  Boasting extraordinary color and high resolution on any microscope, the MPX-16C is the latest "must have" imaging device for microscope users in industry, manufacturing and life sciences.

The MPX-16C (CAT# AU-16-CMOS) features dual FPGA processors to generate exceptional color reproduction, and fast data communication to the computer through its built-in USB 3.0 connectivity.  With 16 megapixels, the MPX-16C delivers high resolution from low to high magnifications, allowing the capture and visualization of even the finest details of the specimen.  The MPX-16C comes with CaptaVision software, and the industry-standard C-mount allows the camera to be added to any camera-ready microscope (0.5x c-mount adapter recommended). 

The new Excelis MPX-16C 16-megapixel color microscopy camera is available now from ACCU-SCOPE.  For more information, visit the product page at .

Accu-Scope, Inc. is a specialist in high quality, certified microscopes for clinical, research, educational and industrial applications. 

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