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Image Depth Processing

AIRY3D introduces DEPTHIQ, a 3D computer vision platform design to convert any camera sensor into a single 3D sensor for generating both 2D images and depth maps that are inherently correlated.

A spin-off of TandemLaunch, a Montreal startup incubator, AIRY3D was founded in 2015 with the vision to enable all machines to see the world in 3D by bringing 3D computer vision to any camera. 

AIRY3D believes that its solution is uniquely positioned to bring 3D to the mainstream across industries and accelerate the adoption of high-end features such as object, facial, and gesture recognition, body detection and monitoring, video bokeh in the areas of security, industrial & robotics, automotive, consumer electronics, and IoT.

A hardware-enabled software solution, DEPTIQ uses diffraction (Talbot effect) to measure depth directly through a patented optical encoder (Transmissive Diffraction Mask) designed for and applied over any CMOS sensor, together with a lightweight Image Depth Processing (IDP) software block. Its inherently compressed data set offers dramatic savings in hardware, size, and computational load, enabling faster, cheaper, and smaller 3D solutions for human and machine vision applications.

This is a versatile, low-cost alternative to today's complex and costly 3D technologies such as time-of-flight, stereo, or structured light in existing near-field 3D applications or where 3D simply doesn’t exist. Moreover, it can also complement and enhance these other 3D technologies in wide-field applications by replacing the RGB sensors with DEPTHIQ-powered sensors to improve close depth and extend far depth, increase depth accuracies, fill in occlusion zones, simplify computation and monitor drift.

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