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ALIO Industries recently launched the patented Hybrid Hexapod, which is a game changer for 5 and 6 axis motion performance. The Hybrid Hexapod is orders of magnitude more precise than traditional hexapods, the company reports. It is 100 times stiffer, 30 times faster, has unrivalled path precision, and exhibits 10 times the usable work envelope for the same XYZ travels of a hexapod. 

Another key product that ALIO has developed after years of evolution of its True Nano single axis stages, is the monolithic XY stage product family with extreme 6-D Nano Precision. The ALIO monolithic XY stages, (with enclosed center and open center), outperform all alternative XY motion solutions, with Point Precision® motion performance and unrivalled stiffness.

ALIO’s linear stages, patented Nano Z lift, mechanical Z lift, and rotary stage lines were designed to excel at nanometer precision motion performance. The company reports that its superior accuracy and quality is backed by the motion control industry’s only 3-year warranty.

When microns matter

ALIO also offers its newly introduced  µII (micro II) product line, to compete in the lower cost, lower precision micron (µm) world. Demands for low cost, mid-precision, reliable long travel stages influenced ALIO’s decision to introduce the µII  product line. As with all ALIO products, this line was designed using ALIO’s uncompromising standards of “quality first” thus providing the customer with long term reliable operation.

The easily configurable µII product line stages can be used as a single axis, stacked in XY orientations, or complete gantry operation. ALIO’s control platforms are easily set up to handle the complex motion requirements for rigid gantry motion.

The µII recirculating ball rail bearing stage line comes standard in sizes of 100mm up to 1 meter thus providing the end user a solution suitable for many applications.

ALIO sees best-in-class precision motion control solutions as enabling technologies, used by its customers to make products previously deemed impossible. By working with ALIO, customers are able to manufacture innovative, bleeding-edge products that ensure leadership positions in their respective synonymous with accuracy and innovation in ultra-precision motion control solutions. The company is driven by a peerless team of exceptional engineers that have an obsessive focus on nanometer-level motion control, customer success, and pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as possible.

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