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Bill Kastanis

Alluxa, Inc., a global leader in thin-film deposition technology and high-performance optical coatings and filters, is pleased to announce Bill Kastanis as the new vice president of operations, effective immediately. A highly-respected veteran in optics and photonics, Bill has over 35 years of experience in operations, vacuum deposition, and factory automation.

Prior to his appointment at Alluxa, he was the vice president and general manager at II-IV Advanced Coating Center and has also been an integral part of the executive and engineering teams at Cierra Photonics, SputterTek, and OCLI. Mr. Kastanis has three U. S. patents in optical coatings and earned a BS ME at the University of California, Davis. 

Alluxa’s CEO Mike Scobey notes, “As an industry leader in high-performance optical filters and thin-film deposition technologies, we are thrilled to have Bill join the Alluxa team and bring his deep operational experience and technical expertise. I’m confident he will provide the talent and energy we need to help us continue our growth momentum and achieve our next-level growth targets.”

Alluxa designs and manufactures next generation, hard-coated optical filters using a proprietary plasma deposition process. The company’s unique, purpose-built deposition platform and control systems were designed, developed, and built by its team to address the demanding requirements of the next generation of systems and instruments.  

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