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At Automate 2019 Mecademic will have demonstrations involving six robots at booth #8458. One will be a miniature assembly cell with an Atlas Copco fixtured screwdriver and Omron PLC and the other will be integrated with an Asycube by Asyril and a Parker PLC provided by our partner Sure Controls Inc.

Since the Meca500 has easily made its way into various applications and is now recognized as a component that can be easily integrated into different automation processes, you will also find them at the booths of several of our customers and partners. You will be able to receive feedback directly from the users of the Meca500. In particular: Parker Hannifin at booth #8120, Balluff at booth #8436, LNA laser Technology at booth #8811, Cleveland Clinique Biorobotics at booth #7701, and Harmonic Drive at booth #6970.

Mecademic's partner Solomon from Taiwan will also present its integrated system with the Meca500 at booth #8941, as well as Kosmek at booth #8815. Join us at Automate and we’ll be happy to present you our products. About the Meca500 The Meca500 is one of the few industrial robots with an integrated controller in its base, and the only industrial robot arm that fits in the palm of a human hand, with a total weight of only 4.5 kg. This six-axis robot can handle payloads up to 500 g with an unmatched precisionof 0.005 mm.

The Meca500 is designed as an automation component of the highest quality. Affordable and easy to use, with the Meca500, there is no proprietary robot programming language to learn, just a simple set of instructions. Introduced to the public in May 2015, the Meca500 has been commercialized since July 2016 and is used for testing, inspection, micro-assembly, dispensing and pick-and-place applications in small confined spaces.

A few hundred Meca500 robots are already put to work in twenty countries, generally in the electronics and medical device industries. For further details regarding the Meca500, you can download its brochure and manuals. 

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