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The second generation of 3D cameras goes into series production at camera manufacturer Basler. Equipped with the latest Sony DepthSense sensor technology and highly efficient VCSEL laser diodes, the Basler blaze camera, based on the time-of-flight method, is a suitable candidate for a wide range of 3D vision applications in automation, robotics, logistics, and medicine.

With its high measuring accuracy and a VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the 3D camera is particularly suitable for detecting obstacles and determining the position, volume and location of objects within a measuring range of up to 10 meters. The Sony Time-of-Flight IMX556PLR sensor with CAPD (Current Assisted Photonic Demodulator) pixel structure enables optical measurements with almost millimeter accuracy and very high precision. With its compact dimensions, low overall weight and a design without moving components--lens and invisible infrared illumination are integrated--the blaze is ideal for mounting on a robot arm or for integration into automated systems.

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