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Baslers new dart MIPI camera modules and Add-on Camera Kits are optimized for NXPs iMX 8 processor series

Camera manufacturer Basler is expanding its embedded vision solution portfolio with products that are compatible with NXP's i.MX 8 applications processors. The combination of Basler’s camera know-how, together with powerful processors from NXP, can implement ideal embedded vision solutions, including for industrial applications.

NXP's i.MX 8 applications processors offer robust long-term availability and meet rigorous requirements for industrial temperature and operating ranges. The broad product portfolio offers the a processor for simple and complex image processing applications. Combined with Basler's many years of vision and solution expertise, these can result in optimally coordinated vision systems.  

Basler launches two new dart camera modules with BCON for MIPI interface and integrated Image Signal Processor (ISP) with 5 MP and 13 MP resolution, as well as two new Add-on Camera Kits. The kits are the perfect starting point to add vision to NXP's popular evaluation boards without much effort. The Add-on Camera Kits support evaluation boards with the i.MX 8QuadMax, i.MX 8M Quad and i.MX 8M Mini processors. They are available with both the 5 MP and the 13 MP dart camera module. The corresponding driver makes commissioning as easy as possible and is optimized for each respective processor. In addition to the camera module, the kits also include cable, lens, and a BCON for MIPI to Mini SAS adapter.

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