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Basler's proprietary SLP feature is now available on nearly all Basler camera series, including the ace 2, boost R, ace U, and ace L. Combining a SLP-equipped camera with the Basler SLP Controller enables lighting to be easily integrated into the vision system using pylon software. In particular, the unique automatic flash synchronization can significantly reduce development time on the customer side.

Basler SLP controllers are available in two formats: either already integrated in the lights (the Basler Premium Camera Lights) or used as external controllers (with the Basler Standard Lights). Thanks to the SLP feature, lights can be operated in different modes, including: continuous light, strobing (flash operation), or overdrive (operating with higher light intensity).  Soon, the Basler ace 2 X visSWIR cameras will also be equipped with the SLP feature. Basler is also expanding its vision portfolio with two new cost-effective lighting controllers.

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