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Trainees at Berliner Glass

19 new trainees are beginning their professional life this year with the Berliner Glas Group in Berlin, Germany and Heerbrugg, Switzerland. Thus, the group is keeping its training of junior employees at a consistently high level.

The focus is on training precision opticians: starting on September 3rd, a total of 10 junior employees are being trained in Berlin, Germany, and three young people at SwissOptic in Heerburgg, Switzerland. Due to the large number of trainees the training facility in Berlin was expanded. The move to a specially renovated building took place at the end of August, offering new and ‘old´ optician trainees bright and modern equipped facilities for their training.

Approximately 380 sqm are available to all precision optician trainees, additional 100 sqm to the previous training facility. The portfolio of apprenticeships offered at Berliner Glas and Swiss Optic this year is very diverse and ranges from precision opticians to cutting machine operators and industrial mechanics all the way to industrial sales and business administration. The Berliner Glas Group is pleased to welcoming young talent in all these areas.

Berliner Glas is already planning the training program for the coming year and is once again offering ten training spots for precision opticians, some spots for industrial mechanics as well as dual study programs for business management, design and production, and business information systems. A total of 16 new training and study positions are planned for the Berlin location in 2019.

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