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Bolb Blazar

Laser Components introduces Blazar from Bolb Inc., a ready-to-use UVC lamp for surface disinfection. The unit is about the size of a handheld spotlight and emits 2.0WOpt of UVC radiation thanks to the combined powers of 25 Germicidal LEDs.  A cone-shaped reflector provides a beam angle of 55°. 

Blazar’s disinfection performance has been proven in several studies. For example, the Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology achieved a reduction factor of Log4 (99.99%) for the human coronavirus hCoV-229E at a distance of one metre and an irradiation time of 60 seconds. This reduction value can vary greatly from pathogen to pathogen.  

As soon as it is connected to the power supply, the Blazar emitter is ready for use. It is easy to operate: all important factors such as irradiation duration, interval and repetition rate can be adjusted by pushing buttons on the back of the unit. As the radiation is emitted to the front and its spread is regulated by the reflector, UVC radiation does not pose any danger for the operator standing behind the unit.

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