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The latest intelligent camera additions to the IP 8000i portfolio are the ideal solution for mission-critical indoor applications. The new Bosch FLEXIDOME IP indoor 8000i cameras have a unique 2-step concept for simple installation. Commissioning can also be done remotely with integrated motorized PTRZ, reducing installation time by up to 75%.

The cameras capture images in exceptional detail (up to 4K ultra HD and include X series models offering starlight X and HDR X), feature the latest bitrate management techniques, data security measures and built-in Artificial Intelligence with Intelligent Video Analytics and Camera Trainer. This delivers incredible accuracy in high security applications and interprets captured data for smart decision-making that goes beyond security.

They exceed expectations and strengthen security even further as they are able to capture relevant data in very challenging scenes thanks to built-in Artificial Intelligence and new, best in class image quality capabilities.

A unique 2-step concept for simple installation

All FLEXIDOME IP indoor 8000i cameras offer a unique installation concept with two simple steps.

  1. Install the mounting bracket (with integrated cable management and support for junction boxes).
  2. Connect the RJ45 and attach the camera module.

The closed camera module ensures fast and easy installation without the risk of dirt and dust ingress, since the camera module remains sealed throughout the complete installation process. The bubble no longer needs to be detached because all lens positioning adjustments are motorized. With no need to touch the lens, there is no risk of moving or damaging the lens.

The X series portfolio, expanded with indoor cameras

The latest X series camera additions to the FLEXIDOME IP 8000i portfolio take image quality capabilities to an even higher level. They exceed expectations and strengthen security even further by enabling the cameras to capture relevant data in very challenging scenes. So, what’s new? The new FLEXIDOME IP indoor 8000i X series cameras (available in HD 1080p and 4MP) offer next-level, all round dynamic range with HDR X technology (up to 144dB) for scenes with challenging lighting. This new HDR X technology provides even better dynamic range than HDR as details of moving objects in challenging lighting scenes are shown without blur and artifacts, resulting in even clearer images. The 1/1.8” sensor delivers extremely crisp images combined with starlight X technology, ensuring even better performance in low-light scenes. With a maximum frame rate of 60fps, users can expect nothing less than smooth image capture.

Built-in intelligence for predictive solutions

Businesses today demand far more detail than ever before. Higher resolutions, higher frame rates, better light sensitivity and excellent dynamic range all matter when it comes to capturing data that can distinguish individuals or objects for irrefutable evidence. FLEXIDOME IP indoor 8000i cameras with built-in Artificial Intelligence (Intelligent Video Analytics and Camera Trainer) are designed to deliver on that promise by adding sense and structure to the excellent video footage they capture, allowing them to support predictive solutions. This power to predict brings together rich contextual and behavioral information to help customers react before potential security events occur – or use business intelligence to predict new business opportunities.

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