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Bristol Instruments announced a new Laser Wavelength Meter ideal for the frequency stabilization of lasers. The new models

872A-VIS and 872A-NIR Laser Wavelength Meters combine high measurement resolution with the reliable accuracy for which Bristol Instruments is known.

Supporting laser wavelength measurements from 375 to 1700 nm, the new 872A models offer a frequency resolution better than 300 kHz at 300,000 GHz, which results in exceptional sensitivity to wavelength deviations. With a built-in PID controller and 1 kHz sustained measurement rate, the 872A system is well suited to precisely stabilize lasers used for applications such as atomic cooling and trapping.

“The new 872 Series Laser Wavelength Meters provide the highest resolution wavelength measurement of virtually any laser,” said Nicolas George, Scientific Product Manager at Bristol Instruments. “These instruments will benefit scientists and engineers who need to maintain the exact wavelength of their lasers.”

About Bristol Instruments

Since its founding in 2005, Bristol Instruments has solely focused on designing, manufacturing, and marketing precision instruments using its expertise in optical interferometry. Bristol’s flagship products accurately characterize the wavelength and spectral properties of lasers and are used by scientists and engineers at universities and government and industrial laboratories. They are also used for the development and production testing of laser transmitters used in optical fiber communications. In addition,

Bristol Instruments provides interferometer-based products to reliably measure critical physical dimensions of materials such as specialty plastic films, medical tubing, and ophthalmic products.

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