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Highlighting India's crucial role in its global growth strategy, Canon announced its outlined plans for strengthening its core business segments of imaging, printing, and surveillance, along with growing presence in the Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display business and the medical industry. Reaffirming the brand's commitment to India, these announcements were made during Canon's strategy meet in Mumbai, attended by key global leadership.

In the industrial equipment business, Canon has a wide range of Semiconductor Lithography Equipment and Flat Panel Display Lithography Equipment. Canon aims to introduce state-of-the-art lithography solutions and emphasize eco-friendly practices, backed by superior customer service to India. Additionally, beyond equipment provision, Canon's commitment to India's industry extends to talent development as well. On the other hand, with respect to healthcare, Canon has a comprehensive portfolio of advanced medical products and solutions from diagnostic imaging systems and healthcare IT solutions. With India as a key market, Canon further focuses on bolstering the rapidly growing medical business.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Howard Ozawa, Executive Vice President of Canon Inc., Chief Representative of Canon Asia Group, Chairman & CEO of Canon Marketing Asia, said, "As Canon continues to etch its global legacy across diverse domains, we recognize that India stands at the heart of our strategic ambitions. With a rich heritage of innovation and a commitment to excellence, Canon has become synonymous with cutting-edge imaging technology. India's dynamic economy, vibrant culture, and tech-savvy population make it a critical market for Canon. And our existing segments (managed by Canon India Pvt. Ltd.), be it cameras, printers, or office solutions have thrived here, driven by the trust and loyalty of Indian consumers. India remains a beacon of opportunity for us and recognizing the immense potential that the market holds, we are aiming to strengthen the semiconductor and medical business. At Canon, we are committed to empowering customers through high quality and performance-based technology that meets their specific needs. As Canon's legacy meets India's boundless potential, we hold an optimistic vision for Canon India to emerge as the leading company in the region by 2035, thereby propelling Canon Asia to secure its position as the top sales region globally."

The brand has established a strong footprint in the digital imaging industry, as an end-to-end solutions provider, having diversified into new markets, broadening its product range and asserting its leadership across customer segments. In the camera segment, Canon has retained its No.1 share in the Digital Interchangeable Lens Camera (DILC) global market for 21 consecutive years. Canon further endeavors to expand its imaging business by broadening the conventional camera industry to include comprehensive offerings like video management and video analytics. Similarly, in the printing business, Canon aims to become the global leader in office and home printing by aligning with modern remote working lifestyles and leading digital transformation in the office, through its innovative modern solutions. The surveillance and broadcast range of solutions from Canon has been receiving positive response from customers, and Canon further aims to strengthen their positioning as the one-stop surveillance solution provider.

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