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Chromacity will participate in the virtual Photonics West conference next month.

The digital Photonics West has expanded to include four virtual conferences with key themes: biomedical applications (BiOS), laser development (LASE), optoelectronics (OPTO), and the commercialisation of quantum technologies.

Chromacity will participate in the LASE and BiOS conferences to deliver a presentation on biophotonics and a scientific poster on mid-IR Spectroscopy.

Presentation Number: 11768-5
Title: Adoption of the ultrafast laser for multiple biophotonics applications.
Conference: BiOS
Dr. Christopher G Leburn, Commercial Director & Co-Founder

Paper Number: 11664-33
Title: Multi-species, high-resolution mid-infrared spectroscopy via fiber delivery
Conference: LASE
Dr. Kerr Johnson, R&D Engineer

Chromacity’s virtual exhibition stand, in the SPIE Digital Marketplace,  will showcase online demonstrations of its fixed wavelength femtosecond lasers and optical parametric oscillators (OPO).

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